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450 Contracts Reviewed In Less Than A Day Using Summize - UserZoom Case Study

450 Contracts Reviewed In Less Than A Day Using Summize - UserZoom Case Study

January 25, 2021

In October 2020, UserZoom’s in-house legal team faced the task of reviewing 450 software, services, and customer contracts. The business needed to identify and analyse several crucially important clauses across these contract types within severe time constraints.

Key findings

  • 450 contracts were reviewed in less than a day by only two in-house lawyers
  • The platform didn’t require the team to make changes to the way they worked
  • Shareable links were used to send contract summaries across the organisation

About UserZoom

UserZoom delivers user-centric guidance and advice to internal design and product teams worldwide, providing everything from UX measurements to simple usability tests. Hundreds of organisations rely on their impressive experience to improve their product development and online presence, including Amazon, Capital One, and eBay.

UserZoom has its own in-house legal team, but as the company continues to expand, their workload continues to grow. With limited availability, the challenge of reviewing and summarising 450 contracts by the end of the month was daunting for the team. However, as a Summize customer already, they knew that they had the solution.

Providing the solution with Summize

There is often a reluctance to take on new legal tech, especially when there are time limitations. With a deadline looming, there is no room for errors or delays, and an in-house team with minimal capacity cannot afford to undergo lengthy training sessions or long-winded integrations. That’s where Summize came in.

Summize is a partner to legal teams and so doesn’t require them to change how they work. In this way, the platform can slip into existing workflows with no fuss. It isn’t there to replace the experience and knowledge of a lawyer; instead, it simply removes their low-value tasks and implements automation where necessary.

The platform is lightweight and user-friendly, so doesn’t require any substantial training to use. And users can get started from day-one by signing up through the Summize website.

With the help of our Product Consultants, UserZoom’s team first tailored their platform by creating bespoke clauses and a company playbook. By developing these clauses, Summize’s intelligent AI software was able to identify the most important clauses and information for the team; despite it being unique to UserZoom. The company playbook allowed the team to set their standard positions and precedent texts, which dramatically sped up the time they spent on reviews afterwards.

UserZoom’s legal team then uploaded multiple contracts at once, and Summize’s intelligent AI analysed each of them instantly. The summaries were all customisable, and each team member was able to add their own notes and comments.

Once the summaries were completed, the team used Summize’s customisable exports to create branded advice notes. However, by utilising Summize’s new feature, Shareable Links, UserZoom were also able to share their summaries, notes, and feedback online in real-time; even with non-Summize users.

UserZoom's Feedback

“Like many in-house teams, we’ve been approached by several legal tech vendors but weren’t sure what the best solution would be for us. We were reluctant to take on a heavy system that required a lot of training or integration, especially as we didn’t have time to completely revamp the way we worked.

Due to the lightweight-feel of the platform and ease-of-use, back in July 2020, we decided that Summize would be the most appropriate solution for us, and we were blown away by the features.

The summaries for each contract were created instantly and provided a consistent output. We only had to run through a handful of checks and then the summaries were ready for us to add our feedback.

The shareable links were particularly beneficial, as it meant we could share our reviews with the rest of UserZoom at a click of a button. It was so much easier than emailing attachments, although of course, Summize allows us to do that too if we need to.

One of the best parts was that we didn’t have to change how we did things within the team. We just did it online in a platform instead of manually. It saved us plenty of time and didn’t feel intrusive.”

Zak Daliri, Global Legal Director

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