Meet Summize and discover a different approach to CLM

Contract Lifecycle Management and AI tools are everywhere. So, what makes Summize different? Come along to meet us at LegalTechTalk and we’ll explain why a Decentralised CLM is the best approach to ensure company-wide adoption and compliance of your legal processes.
Intercontinental O2, London
13th & 14th June

Explore Summize at LegalTechTalk 2024

Dive into a demo, connect with our team of CLM experts, try to beat the buzzer in our booth competition or swing by and collect your SWAG. We’ll be on hand to address your questions about:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • AI in legal tech / CLM
  • CLM readiness and implementation
  • Contract management ecosystems and integrations
  • Customer success stories for CLM
  • Building a business case for tech investment
Panel discussion

The Do's and Don'ts of CLM for the Enterprise

Day 1, Thursday 13th June 1.10pm Summize CEO (and ex General Counsel) Tom Dunlop will be joining a panel to talk about how to prepare for a successful CLM rollout, prepare budget and ensure business readiness. It’s not to be missed!

What is a Decentralised CLM?

Summize takes a decentralised approach to CLM which means the user experience lives within the existing tools used by your business, rather than driving everyone to use a central platform for contract requests.

Embedded experiences

Whether its Teams, Slack, Salesforce, Outlook or Jira, we allow users to originate legal processes from wherever they are most comfortable working. This unique approach creates a digital thread spanning all contract interactions, giving legal the tools they need to set guardrails, centralise contract storage and manage the workload, while empowering business stakeholders to generate approved contracts quicker. Stop by the booth and we’ll show you a demo!

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Latest from Summize

Hot off the press! Summize just released its latest integration with Outlook, continuing the momentum of world-first innovations by putting your contract requests processes directly in the inbox.

Tom Dunlop, CEO at Summize said: “The Outlook integration is the most exciting thing to come out of our R&D lab this year. We truly believe this innovation closes a workaround gap that exists in every other Contract Lifecycle Management solution on the market. We’ve designed it with the user experience at the core – it’s not just a plug-in integration, it’s a fully immersive, embedded experience within your Outlook mailbox.

Read about it here