Designed for Private Practice law firms

Service providers must stand out and provide a customer-centric, high-value service.

How Summize helps

Traditional ways of working can conflict with new technology rather than compliment it.

Summize works alongside legal teams rather than forcing dramatic changes, allowing service providers to meet client expectations and truly differentiate themselves in the market.



Summize analyses each contract and pulls through key information in an easy-to-read summary.

Click on a clause to highlight it in the contract
Scroll through any related paragraphs
Instantly define any term or phrase


Summize makes it easy for users to manage their contracts and important clauses in the table view.

Use the Calendar to set up notifications for important contractual dates
Organise contracts by Client and Matter ID
Power existing contract management and review systems with Summize’s Partner Program


Speed up contract reviews by 85% with Summize.

Review your contracts across your workflow with the Microsoft Word Add-In
Generate bespoke clauses to suit even the most unique contract
Share summaries and tables externally with clients and across departments