Summize: A Legal Front Door

Summize is a game-changing CLM for in-house legal teams and business users. Think digital transformation for the entire contract lifecycle. It's digital contracting, done differently.

If a front door acts as the gateway to a building, consider the legal front door as the primary interface between business users and the corporate legal team of your company. First generation legal front door solutions offered the ability for colleagues to log legal requests, which would be added to a queue and triaged to the right person. It may also redirect to self-service content, such as shared documents or Q&A articles.

Now, there’s a smarter legal front door solution from Summize, creators of the world’s first Integrated Contract Lifecycle Management solution.

This is not a ticketing system, it’s so much more.


Your legal front door is supposed to help you triage requests and direct commercial users to self-service support. But requests get piled on from so many sources, all needed yesterday, causing delays and bottlenecks, resulting in long negotiation cycles, increased risk and lost patience.

In other words, it's often chaos, but it doesn't have to be. Now there's a smarter legal front-door solution from Summize.

Your Summize legal front door is natively built within Microsoft Teams or Slack, allowing non-legal users to interact with the intelligent chatbot to quickly create contracts, such as NDAs, raise issues, submit documents for review, and more, so your legal team finally has a way to control, prioritize, and standardize legal requests, with useful dashboards and metrics.

This is not a ticketing system. It's so much more. Discover a new legal front door by Summize.


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Summize makes contract review, creation, and management easy for legal teams, wherever they work. Made up of tech experts and legal professionals, Summize is here to provide you with the best and most up to date information.
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