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Why use Summize for digital contracting?

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Shorter contract cycles

As the first native Teams & Slack solution, Summize seamlessly integrates contract processes into familiar tools to maximise adoption and reduce friction.

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Game-changing automation

The Summize Contract Analysis Engine combines the best of humans and Al-powered technology to digitalise legal processes.

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No-code, no limitations

Created by legal professionals, Summize is simple to use and manage. It simplifies and accelerates the entire contract lifecycle.

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Summize makes it easier to pick up on information in an intelligent way.

Natalie Salunke, RVU, Head of Legal

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What we do

Game-changing digital contract software
Summize is a better way of reviewing, creating, and managing business contracts.

  • Improve the collaboration between legal teams and business users
  • Manage and reduce contract risk
  • Make smarter business decisions
  • Shorten contract cycles
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Seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack:

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About Summize

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Created by legal and SaaS professionals, Summize exists to optimise the contract lifecycle.

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We’re looking for innovators and forward-thinkers to be part of our scale-up journey.​

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Change the game

Discover a better way of understanding and interacting with contracts, from the pioneering team at Summize.

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Summize: The CLM that helps to create, manage, and review.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Checklist

The Summize contract lifecycle management (CLM) checklist provides a helpful breakdown of the top tips to ensure successful implementation.

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Being an Adaptable Business in the Digital Transformation Era

Businesses are constantly in a cycle of change. From laws and regulations to digitalisation and internal cultural shifts. They must be agile and adaptable or risk falling behind. But how well is your business adapting to change?

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Your Guide to Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Download Summize's guide to contract lifecycle management, containing a FREE CLM checklist to ensure your contract processes are successful.

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Business just got faster with Summize

Shorten your contract cycles to increase revenue, while reducing and managing risk.

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