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How to Use Summize for Contract Creation

Summize is a flexible tool that helps you create contracts quickly and easily within every-day programs, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Teams. Our integrations link to your company playbook and standard clauses, making it faster to generate contracts from scratch and reducing your legal risk.

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Powerful Features for Contract Creation

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An Essential Contract Creation Tool

Why learn how to use another contract software? Create contracts in common tools but supercharge the capabilities with Summize.

  • Summize is connected to a global company database, helping you always pull through correct company information
  • Business users and legal teams alike can use the Summize Assistant in Teams or Slack to speed up the contract creation process
  • Easily insert your own precedent clauses or use some from the Summize clause database

Contract Creation Calculator

These calculations are based on the creation of standard contracts.

The calculations included in these tables were taken from a number of reports including: Glassdoor, World CC, ACC, and Summize. They also do not include the price of Summize licences.

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