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Cloud-based software for legal teams and business users

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The contract creation issues we solve

Legal teams can often act as a bottleneck in the sales or procurement cycle due to long, manual contract generation processes.  For a contract management solution to be effective, workflows should span the whole organisation.

Users don’t need yet another all-in-one platform for contract creation that interrupts their work or involves intensive training.

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Supercharged digital contracts

With the right technology, digital contract processes can be integrated into familiar tools and processes to suit modern ways of working, rather than working against them.

Utilise Summize as your digital assistant to facilitate contract creation. Using Microsoft Teams and Slack as your legal front door, allow legal and business users to create contracts from scratch in minutes, from a library of pre-approved legal templates and content.

The contract creation solution

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Legal front door

Eliminate bottlenecks in your pre-signature contracts by allowing business users to self-serve on contract creation with an intuitive Q&A bot that retains legal consistency and compliance.

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Faster revenue generation

Create contracts in under 2 minutes and eliminate lengthy processes, bottlenecks, and delays in the sales cycle. With an integration-first approach, the user experience is simple and intuitive, requiring minimal training and fitting seamlessly into existing ways of working.

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Improved compliance

Ensure every contract created is company and legal compliant. Contracts are created from a set of pre-approved legal questions and templates for consistency and visibility of risk, with analytics tracking contract KPIs.

Summize integrated contract creation

Why choose Summize?

  • Create, negotiate, review, and manage your contracts with the world’s first Integrated CLM solution
  • Legal front door through Teams and Slack for better, faster collaboration
  • Self-help content creation makes digital contracting relevant to every department
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Calculate your ROI

According to a study by EY, an average of 19,000 - 50,000 contracts are created, managed and reviewed every year by contracting teams at large organisations.

Why not find out what that's costing your business?

The calculations included in these tables were taken from a number of reports including: Glassdoor, World CC, ACC, and Summize. They also do not include the price of Summize licences.

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"A fast solution that works alongside our team perfectly."

Ryan Swann, Chief Legal and Risk Officer

May 25th 2022

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