A decentralised approach to CLM

Summize is CLM software with a difference. It's designed to unite legal teams and business stakeholders by joining the dots across contract processes, within existing collaboration software. Now everyone can work better with contracts.

The simplified way to manage your digital contracts

Integrated intake

Centrally manage and process legal requests - no extra tools needed!

Summize works directly in your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail inbox, making collaboration easy for legal and business stakeholders. No more email chasers! Summize automatically makes the connection with your contract from the email, and centralises your tasks.


Empower business stakeholders to generate contracts in 2 minutes or less without leaving Teams or Slack.

Summize eliminates time-consuming traditional contract creation methods by allowing easy access to predesigned and approved legal templates.


The Summize Word Add-In gives you access to a supercharged Word environment that expedites your contract review and negotiations.

Reduce manual review time by up to 85% with our instant AI-powered clause summaries.


Take advantage of our secure and centralised storage solution for all your signed agreements.

The enhanced search experience makes finding and exploring your contracts quick and easy. AI-powered data extraction and summaries mean the days of manual tagging are gone.

Analytics & reporting

Leverage contract analytics to establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

View detailed reports across specific contract types, groups of contracts and SLAs within defined periods for effective decision making.

Customers rave about our implementation

Our experienced internal implementation team is there to support you at every step, with structured onboarding, migrations, training and launch planning. We'll get you to value with Summize in a sprint-based approach, so you complete one or more of your use cases in the first few weeks.

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We successfully rolled out Summize to 150 business users in just 5 weeks.
Neeltje Bramer
Legal Counsel at Ionity
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Some of our most popular integrations

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Word
Summize AI
Microsoft Outlook

A CLM designed for the business

We make the business stakeholder experience a priority because we know that a CLM that isn’t used, isn’t useful. Summize creates its interface directly in your existing Inbox or Teams or Slack experience, allowing business stakeholders to automatically generate their own contracts and ask questions to legal. Our unique Q&A style intake process automates the creation of contracts, unless it meets your legal escalation triggers and enters your workflow.

Streamline your contract intake processes with an experience the business will easily adopt, with minimal training. It's a CLM designed to be used and loved by the whole business.

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