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Summize clients see tangible business benefits

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Shorter contract cycles
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Faster revenue generation
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Mitigated risk
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Improved collaboration
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Advanced self-service capabilities
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Smarter business
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Enhanced workflows
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Centralised capture of all legal requests
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Optimised efficiency
of legal operations
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We now have key contract information at our fingertips. As a growing tech company, gaining operational awareness of contracts has been invaluable.

Katy Batley, Head of Customer Success, AppLearn

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This technology solution is a game-changer for contracts.

Dan Fox, Founder & CEO, Johnson Hana

Seamlessly integrates with your (other) favourite cloud solutions

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How it works

Streamline your workload by managing pre-signature legal requests in a single unified workspace, while empowering commercial teams to self-serve on contractual agreements via Teams and Slack.

With the Contract Analysis Engine, in-house legal teams can instantly bring to life the contents of a contract with AI-powered summaries, saving hours in manual review time.
Manage legal requests across the business more efficiently in one place using your existing tech stack. Reduce navigation and make it easier to manage your pre-signature contracts.
Shorter Contract Cycles
Allow commercial users to self-serve and create their own contracts in less than 2 minutes with legal-approved clauses and formats.
Improved Compliance
Ensure every contract is compliant by setting pre-approved questions, clauses and templates to ensure consistent and visibility of contractual risk.
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Accelerate contract reviews using the Summize Contract Analysis Engine and improve legal operations with an automated no-code digital contracting solution.

Automatically extract key contractual information with built-in reminders and tasks. Areas of concern are instantly red-flagged for quicker and more accurate contract reviews.
Accelerate Revenue
Use Summize's AI-powered technology combined with the intelligence of ChatGPT to create instant summaries of your post-signature contracts.
Reduce Contract Review Time
Reduce the time spent on contract reviews by 85% by instantly highlighting risk and opportunity across your portfolio.
Red Flag and Redlining
Enhance Microsoft Word contract reviews with the Summize Add-In. Access your company playbook and check your contracts instantly for risk.
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Accelerate the contract lifecycle by improving cross-functional collaboration. Manage your contracts from pre to post-signature and reduce business risk in the Summize repository.
A Secure, Central Repository
Store your post-signature contracts in one place alongside related files, attachments and conversations, all accessed via a simple search.
Meaningful Analytics
Make business decisions based on contract risk and opportunity in Summize’s advanced analytics dashboard. Track contract KPIs and even Playbook clause usage to refine your standard positions.
Single Source of Truth
See a full history of key contract actions and events, with visibility of who, what and when providing audit trails for compliance.
Intelligent Insights
Break down key contractual information into easy-to-read, shareable summaries. Highlight your risks and find opportunity across all your contracts, no matter how unique they are.
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The Summize Repository

An intuitive, dynamic solution the whole business will love

In-house legal teams gain visibility and control, while business colleagues are empowered to self-serve.
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