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Tom Dunlop
Tom Dunlop
CEO & Founder
Summize was founded in 2018 by former tech General Counsel Tom Dunlop, and experienced software developer David Smith. Together, they embarked on a journey to improve the contract process for in-house lawyers with a mission to help everyone understand each other better. Initially starting out as a contract summary solution to instantly extract key metadata from documents, Summize’s capabilities soon expanded to span the end-to-end contract lifecycle, receiving rave reviews from clients due to its intuitive user experience and innovative features.

After working with hundreds of global companies, we learned that many organisations struggle to gain adoption of platform-based CLM solutions that require complex internally change management and training processes.
Taking a deliberately different approach, the Summize mantra is to unite the legal team with their non-legal colleagues by creating a solution that’s fit for the whole business. To achieve this, we embed processes and automations directly within your existing business software, making it as frictionless and easy to use as possible. Think of Summize as a digital thread that connects the dots through the business, across every interaction with a contract. We refer to this as a decentralized CLM; a visionary approach to putting the end user first.
Our technology is underpinned by AI, but will always have human-centric design at the core.

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Our innovative clients

Our software is used by recognisable brands including NCC Group, Vodafone, NBrown, Everton FC, and many more.

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Our values

At Summize, we GROW.

Our core values capture our ways of working together, creating an environment that reflects the ethos of a scaling tech company.

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Our awards

We’re proud of our recognition for growth, innovation and leadership.

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Legal teams gain visibility and control, while business colleagues are empowered to self-serve. Improve legal service delivery across the organisation.

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