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Our pricing packages

Our pricing package is based on two simple annual subscription licences for access to our cloud-based solution. We will build your quotation according to your number of users and requirements and also help you create your business case and implementation plan.

To create your Summize quote, we will need to understand...

  • The size of your legal team that will need to use the solution with a full licence (including all functionality and analytics)
  • The number of non-legal stakeholders in your business that currently interact with contracts. For example, the sales team or purchasing departments.
  • Your support requirements - we'll establish these with our Customer Success Packages, which include our 12-week success guarantee across your priority use cases.

The world's first integrated CLM solution

Game-changing digital contract software

We believe that software must work where the users do if it's ever going to be truly effective. Summize centralises contract requests through Microsoft Teams and Slack, allowing non-legal users to create business contracts using a simple and intuitive Q&A bot, controlled in the backend by the legal department.

We call this The Legal Front Door.

Get your personalised quote

All customers will benefit from the Summize integration pack, including:

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Building a business case?

Calculate your ROI with our quick calculator

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A Buyer's Guide to CLM

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Summize Product Brochure


Summize Product Brochure

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Datasheet download


Summize Datasheet

Summize is a game-changer for any business that works with contracts. But don't just take our word for it - download our datasheet today!