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Summize integrates directly with Outlook to provide the core CLM functionalities so users can manage their contracts and negotiations without switching platforms. Remove friction for commercial teams and get to revenue faster.

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A unique email integration to connect your digital thread

Outlook Requests 

Business users can request contracts without leaving Outlook, including attachments and content from an email to begin a new request. Gone are the days of untracked emails and rogue requests. Instead, users can submit to legal in just a few clicks, with no new processes to learn.

Whether it’s an NDA or MSA, standard requests are quick and straightforward, with most contracts created in 2 minutes.

Access to Playbooks, clauses and templates set by legal ensures business compliance, with workflows that handle most requests without legal intervention.

Outlook Front Door to Legal

Streamline Legal intake overnight. Your business colleagues now initiate contract workflows request contracts, receive self-guide help and submit documents to legal for a first-pass review.

Eliminate legal backlogs and speed up your contract cycles with automated workflows that manage most requests before they’re triaged and centralised for legal.

Enhanced efficiency

Summize enhances digital negotiations with speed, consistency, and intelligence. By embedding contract processes into Outlook, users can amend and update existing requests, attach documents, track updates, and exchange files with Summize in Outlook.

Summize AI scans your email to identify any attachments, updating the menu with the latest version. Send a signed contract to the Summize repository for central storage, without leaving Outlook.

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