The AI-powered CLM experience

Summize AI powers our CLM solution to bring speed, automation and intelligence to the way your legal and commercial teams create, negotiate and manage contracts across the entire business.

The CLM designed for the future

Transform your CLM processes with Summize AI

Market background

The legal technology sector is the second largest sector to experience AI growth and adoption in the UK, according to an AI statistics and trends report by Forbes Advisor.

The rapid growth of AI technology provides new and unrivalled capabilities to bring more speed, automation and intelligence to the way we work today.

Coherent drafting and negotiation with the AI Assistant

The AI Assistant is available in both Microsoft Word online and the native Word app. Simply ask the AI Assistant your questions in the side panel to rephrase, translate, shorten and query sections of your contract.

Templated prompts including one that compares to your Playbook can be set up according to your most regularly used requests, saving time on repeat tasks. The AI Assistant is your always-on companion, making it easier than ever to work with contracts.

Supercharged contract summaries

Summize’s AI-powered technology allows legal teams to seamlessly redline, negotiate and analyse contracts directly within Microsoft Word, providing a first pass review you can trust.

By identifying relevant sentences, paragraphs, and clauses with the automatic extraction of locations, numbers and terms, Summize AI creates shareable natural language summaries that succinctly summarises the information you need to know. Summize legal users typically accelerate their contract review processes by 85%, saving hours of time.

Improved compliance and standardisation of legal processes

Quickly identify the red flags across your contracts using the power of AI. Summize reduces legal risk in minutes, helping users identify and automatically extract red flags that need attention, making due diligence reporting seamless across your organisation. Additionally, Summize AI extracts crucial dates that can be immediately synced to your calendar, which mean that you never miss a renewal or contract termination date again.

Increased adoption by the business

AI has revolutionised how business processes are designed and implemented. Summize AI empowers legal and commercial users to collaborate using familiar tools like Teams, Slack, Outlook and Gmail for contract creation and legal requests, as well as an effective Integrated Front Door to Legal that makes legal approvals seamless, leading to faster revenue generation.

Secure, scalable infrastructure

Summize works with Microsoft technologies to leverage Azure's global top-tier security for our infrastructure and utilises the latest advancements in AI to augment your experience.

Summize uses a best-of-breed security approach, including regular Penetration Test assessments, SSO integration, end-to-end cryptographically secure tokens, auto-patched and maintained infrastructure and many other approaches to ensure customer data is safe and secure.

The Summize AI Assistant uses the Summize AI Architecture to avoid cross sharing of information and model training.

“The Summize AI has been fantastic at helping us simplify long and complex contracts into easy-to-read, digestible summaries that the wider business can understand.”

Derek Ihnen, Contracts Administrator at Boon Edam

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