Summize's Contract Guides

We believe in making digital contracting quicker and easier. That's why we've created guides to cover the entire contract lifecycle.
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Contract Review Guide

A contract review is a contractual process used to identify and analyse the key provisions within an agreement.

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Contract Management Guide

Contract management is the overseeing of contracts that have been created between clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

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Contract Audit Guide

Contract audits are internal assessments of contracts that check key provisions or regulations for all parties.

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Contract Summary Guide

A contract summary is a one-page outline of a contract, used to highlight the most important information in a simple, easy-to-read format.

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Contract Checklist Guide

A contract checklist is a list or framework that helps you identify and organise critical parts of a contract.

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Contract Analysis Guide

Contract analysis is a process used throughout the contract lifecycle to examine and track information within a contract.

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Enterprise Contract Management Guide

Enterprise contract lifecycle management is a centralised end-to-end contract management solution for large businesses.

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Contract Automation Guide

Contract automation is the process of authoring, negotiating, executing, and auditing a contract digitally and using automatic procedures.

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Contract Tracking Guide

Contract tracking determines the position and progress of a contract across the contract lifecycle, and is a crucial step in the lifecycle.

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