Partner Program

If you’re a legal tech or CLM thought leader, superconnector, legal firm or consultant, apply to become a Summize partner.

Read on to learn more about the different partnership opportunities you could benefit from.

How it works

Referral Partner

If you have a network of in-house legal professionals, you can leverage your preferred channels to recommend Summize as a Contract Lifecycle Management solution and make a referral to Summize.

Whether it’s through networking groups, events, social media, forums, or email, if your referral leads to closed revenue, you’ll be rewarded with a generous percentage of the licence value.


Just like the referral partner, you’ll promote Summize to your network, but you’ll be involved right through to the point they become a customer.

You’ll discuss use cases for CLM with the potential client and you’ll be part of the sales process alongside a dedicated Summize account manager. In return, you’ll get a bigger commission for your efforts.

Content Partner

By becoming a content partner, you’ll monetise your legal knowledge by making legal templates available directly to Summize clients, in a technology enabled format. You will create Summize content for specific contract types, for example a Master Services Agreement, Distribution Agreement etc.

All Summize customers will have access to a Playbook Marketplace, where your templates will be available for subscription. You’ll earn a royalty for every subscription.

Why partner with Summize?

When you join our partner program, you’ll be rewarded when you introduce new companies to the Summize approach to Contract Lifecycle Management – all while growing your own personal brand and relationships.

You’ll be recommending a market-disruptive CLM solution that legal and business users love, introducing contacts to the Summize community.

Summize will own the customer implementation and will invoice the customer directly.

"We're growing our network of partners looking to generate new revenue streams from the huge potential in CLM. We're looking to connect your contacts with the most user-friendly, business focused solution on the market."
Rahul Saggar
Chief Revenue Officer, Summize

Partner benefits

Realise the value of your network relationships.
Create a new revenue stream every time one of your referrals becomes a Summize customer.
Monetize your legal assets (templates, clasuses and playbooks) with Summize, earning from every subscription.
Pioneer the user-first approach in integrating legal with the business, empowering senior legal professionals for greater strategic impact.
Amplify your voice as an expert in the market with Summize events and marketing activities.
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Why Summize?

Pioneer of the Legal Front Door

Summize is a pioneer of the Legal Front Door in Teams and Slack, creating an automated way for the legal team to promote self-service in the wider business

Powerful integrations

Summize integrates with familiar tools including Microsoft Word, Salesforce, Hubspot, Docusign and AdobeSign for ease of use and adoption

All-encompassing solution

The solution spans the entire contract lifecycle, from pre-signature to repository

Experienced team

Our experienced implementation team focuses on getting clients up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible for fast time to value

High customer reviews

Our clients rate us highly – read our G2 reviews here
Seamlessly integrates with
your existing tech stack:

Salesforce FAQs

Who is eligible to become a partner?

Anyone with a registered company entity who regularly works with or has a network of in-house legal teams looking to expand their partnerships. This includes independent advisors, consultants, content creators, existing Summize clients, legal firms, VC firms and other complementary technology companies.

How do I become a partner?

Apply to become a partner by completing this application form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the opportunities to join the program. You can also contact [email protected] to discuss the opportunity to partner with Summize. We’ll provide a partnership agreement for both parties to sign, detailing the terms of our partnership.

Who is the ideal target audience for Summize?

Apply to become a partner by completing this application form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the opportunities to join the program. Summize is best suited to companies with an in-house legal department of at least two people, and a high volume of contracts across the business (NDAs, MSAs etc.).

Typically we work with forward-thinking companies in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe that are using Teams or Slack as a business communication tool, and Word for contract editing and review.

Our clients span financial services, technology, media, sport, manufacturing and more. Read our case studies here.

How do I submit a lead as a partner?

Once you’ve signed a partnership agreement, you can submit a referral by introducing the Summize team to your contact via email or using the Partner Program Lead Registration form. We’ll put you in touch with a Summize account manager who will work with you on the progress of the deal.

We can also provide marketing collateral and logos and images upon request if you wish to promote Summize on your website., via social media or in newsletters, etc.

How do I get rewarded?

Referral and reseller partners: The referred company or individual must be new to Summize, without an existing opportunity already in place. Upon becoming a Summize customer, your referral commission will be paid as a percentage of the first year licence costs, as per your partnership agreement.

Referral deals must close within 6 months of submission in order to be eligible for payment.  

Content partners: You’ll get a royalty split on the subscription per contract type, per customer, as detailed in your partner agreement.

What do I need to provide as a content partner?

Create template: Configure a precedent template that is then compatible with the Summize Create solution in Teams / Slack / Salesforce and the Web Application.

Summary clauses: Provide a list of relevant clauses for that type of contract, that are built in the Summize Clause Manager. Essentially help find these clauses + customise what the output should be.

Playbook positions: Provide a playbook of content for each clause, detailing what the clause means, when it should be used, potential issues likely to face and potential back-up positions that could be used.

Summize will check and validate the content before publishing to the marketplace for use by Summize customers.

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