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A smarter approach to contracts

The legal department is undertaking a digital transformation journey. But with so many contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions available on the market, all claiming to be a silver bullet, where do you start?

What are the benefits of CLM tools?

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Increased ROI

CLM tools unlock intelligent contractual information, producing better-informed decisions and controlling business risk. Check out our ROI calculator above to see how much you could save.

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A legal front door

An integrated CLM system integrates digital contracting processes into familiar tools to maximise adoption and reduce friction across all of the departments in the business.

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Actionable insights

Missed renewals cost time and money. Contract bottlenecks cost deals. But by using a CLM tool, teams can make more efficient decisions, allowing them to reach revenue faster.

Want to find out more?

Universally, contract lifecycle management (CLM) has gone from a nice-to-have to a critical necessity. But with so many CLM solutions available, legal teams often find themselves overwhelmed by choice.
That's why Summize has created a handy guide to contract lifecycle management, containing a FREE CLM checklist to ensure success within your team.

Download Summize's CLM eBook...

What's inside?

  • Your own contract lifecycle checklist - find out what you should be focusing on when purchasing a new CLM system.
  • Unique insights on the contract lifecycle management from Tom Dunlop, CEO and Founder of Summize and former GC.
  • Analysis on the current digital transformation process within legal.

And so much more!