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How does Summize work?

Is Summize a CLM tool just for Legal?
What type of contracts does Summize work with?
How does Summize store data?
How does the OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration work?
Can I sync my Summize calendar to my work calendar?
What integrations do you currently support?
Does Summize have an e-signature tool within the product?
How are playbooks created within Summize?

Uploading Contracts

What file types do you support?
Can I upload photos of a contract?
How many contracts can I upload to Summize?

Creating and Sharing Summaries

Can I edit a summary once it's made?
How do I know a contract summary is correct?
How do I share summaries with colleagues?
What file formats are supported for summary exports?

User Permissions and Licenses

Who can access my contracts?
What are the user permissions and restrictions I can set?
What license tiers do you have?
What's the difference between the full user and business licenses?

What Support Do I Get as a Summize Customer?

How long does the Summize implementation process take?
What support can you offer to help me launch Summize to the wider business?
How do I get product support once implementation is completed?
How does Summize compare to other CLM vendors?
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