Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Summize work?

Is Summize a CLM tool just for Legal?
What integrations do you currently support?
How does Summize compare to other CLM vendors?
What type of contracts does Summize work with?
How does Summize store data?
How does the OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration work?
Can I sync my Summize calendar to my work calendar?
Does Summize have an e-signature tool within the product?
How are playbooks created within Summize?

Uploading Contracts

How many contracts can I upload to Summize?
What file types do you support?
Can I upload photos of a contract?

Creating and Sharing Summaries

Can I edit a summary once it's made?
How do I know a contract summary is correct?
How do I share summaries with colleagues?
What file formats are supported for summary exports?

User Permissions and Licenses

Who can access my contracts?
What are the user permissions and restrictions I can set?
What license tiers do you have?
What's the difference between the full user and business licenses?

What Support Do I Get as a Summize Customer?

How long does the Summize implementation process take?
What support can you offer to help me launch Summize to the wider business?
How do I get product support once implementation is completed?
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