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Legal Disrupters 2023

In March 2023, we surveyed over 100 in-house legal professionals as part of our Legal Disrupters Report.

The findings show how much the role of the in-house legal has changed. The scope is more diverse, and the challenges are more complex and sensitive. The report and roundtable explore how we can shift the legal department up the value chain, for them to truly benefit from its expertise and unlock its full potential.
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    Legal Disrupters
    Digital Roundtable

    75% of in-house legal professionals say the contract intake process is inconsistent and hard to manage, so don't worry, you are not alone! But how do you secure wider buy-in for legal tech?

    Watch our digital roundtable to gain invaluable advice from our panel on securing stakeholder
    buy-in as well as challenges and workloads going into 2023 and how to make your contract management process more manageable!

    Legal Disrupters Report 2023

    Increased workloads, digital transformation and contract automation, what are the biggest concerns for in-house legal teams going into 2023?

    We asked over 100 in-house legal professionals in an anonymous survey about their current challenges, attitudes around digital transformation and whether they have a legal representative on their organisation’s board – find out what they had to say in our Legal Disrupters 2023 Report!

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    Research highlights

    The economic climate is forcing departments to demonstrate enhanced value whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Legal teams are no exception, and requests from the wider business are increasing, and the results need to be delivered quickly and accurately.

    of teams agree that basic tasks such as contract reviews dominate their daily workload, preventing them from high-value, strategic work

    say their contract process is inconsistent and hard to manage

    agree that increased workloads will be the biggest challenge for 2023


    Almost 3/4 of legal teams 75% are behind other departments when it comes to digital transformation!

    of legal professionals believe their businesses should invest more in legal technology this year for productivity and efficiency gains!

    Legal Disrupters Podcast Episodes

    Contracts keep the wheels of your business turning, but what makes them successful? The Legal Disrupters Podcast brings you a crew of industry experts to share their knowledge, experience and tips for the challenges and opportunities facing in-house General Counsels.

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    A CLM solution your business will want to use. A unique legal front door interface that worksdirectly within existing tools for maximum adoption, user happiness and game-changing business efficiency.