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Latest Updates To Summize Allow Teams To Try The Software For Free And Sign-Up Via The Website.

MANCHESTER, UK – 3rd Aug 2020 – This month, Summize launched a free trial of its lightweight contract platform, allowing users around the world to test its capabilities, cost-free for two weeks.*

As a leader in instant contract summaries, with efficient AI technology and machine learning, Summize provides a unique and easy platform for users to manage, understand and review their contracts in their own way. The platform aims to work alongside the irreplaceable experience and knowledge of each team, speeding up the process by taking on the manual and time-consuming tasks.

While Summize regularly helps users with reviewing their contracts, saving up to 85% in time cost per review, it also allows users to understand and manage their contract terms. For many businesses, it is difficult to keep track of every contract, but with Summize, all contracts (no matter how unique) can be stored and summarised in the platform, meaning that contractual queries and changes to policy can be dealt with quickly.

The calendar feature can also be used to notify teams about upcoming termination or renewal dates, helping businesses avoid expensive subscription fees for defunct products or penalty costs for missed key dates.

Summize provides a flexible platform with many unique features, including customisable exports and the creation of a playbook to cover even the most bespoke clauses and contracts. As part of the basic package, standard contract types and clauses are also added for free.

With the new trial offering, users can sign up on the website (no card details are required) and enjoy unlimited access to the product for two weeks. Each account will be activated immediately, meaning that teams can get started straight away, and Summize integrates easily into workflows. After this time, users can upgrade to one of three subscription packages – Single, Team and Enterprise – with prices starting from as little as £29.99 a month.

*At the time of publishing, each free trial lasted for 2-weeks.


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Summize makes contract review, creation, and management easy for legal teams, wherever they work. Made up of tech experts and legal professionals, Summize is here to provide you with the best and most up to date information.
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