Use Cases

Summize sits across the whole contract lifecycle. Find out how it could work for you.

CLM Software to Automate Agreements & Increase Revenue

From pre-to-post signature contract processes, Summize embeds contract workflows directly into your familiar tools to improve efficiency by up to 85%.

Contract lifecycle management software

AI Contract Review Software

With instant summaries, make your contract reviews up to 85% quicker and reduce legal risk in minutes.

Contract review software

Contract Creation Software

Use Summize as part of the contract creation process. Start in Word and add your business' standard clauses with one click.

Contract creation software

Contract Management Software

Use Summize as part of your contract management process and get instant insights into any contract.

Contract management software

Contract Summary Software

Create instant contract summaries and reduce your legal risk in minutes. Make your contract reviews up to 85% quicker.

Contract summary software

AI-Powered Contract Analysis Software

Summize is a unique tool for legal teams everywhere, providing instant insights and making contract analysis easy.

Contract analysis software