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Cloud-based software for legal teams and business users

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Improving on traditional solutions

Any interaction with contracts is traditionally manual, complex, and almost always lacks understanding.

For businesses to truly gain value and efficiencies from contracts, they must be able to understand and utilise the data locked away inside them and streamline the interactions between legal and the rest of the business.

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The world's first integrated CLM

Traditional solutions focus on an all-in-one platform that takes users away from where they typically work, resulting in adoption and training challenges.

Summize takes a different approach. Our primary interface works through Teams, Slack and Word, making CLM relevant to the whole organisation.

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"A game changer for our contracts department"

Senior Contracts Manager, Verified G2 Review

July 22nd 2022

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Summize Benefits

Use CLM software for fast and frictionless contract processes
Fast and frictionless

Eliminate bottlenecks in your contract lifecycle management process and enable contract creation in less than 2 minutes, with first a first pass review completed in under 5 minutes.

Mitigate your contract risk with contract lifecycle management software
Mitigated risk

Instant, accurate contract summaries with automatic extraction of key dates and tasks. Areas of concern are red-flagged, with contract analytics and data providing insight to reduce business risk.

Decrease your contract cycles with CLM software
Shorter contract cycles

With a digital front door as the automated communication between legal and commercial users, contract creation and review cycles are faster, more consistent, and more efficient.

Why Summize?

  • Non-legal users can create a compliant contract in minutes via Teams or Slack
  • Legal teams work within Word and Teams for faster contract review  
  • Instant extraction of key dates, tasks, and key commercial terms
  • Insightful analysis of contract data, benchmarks, and trends
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Calculate your ROI

According to a study by EY, an average of 19,000 - 50,000 contracts are managed and reviewed every year by contracting teams at large organisations.

Why not find out what that's costing your business?

The calculations included in these tables were taken from a number of reports including: Glassdoor, World CC, ACC, and Summize. They also do not include the price of Summize licences.

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