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The Summize Contract Management Tools

Manage all of your contracts at a glance with instant summaries and automatic insights using Summize's contract management tools. Gain visibility into your contracts with the best contract management software for legal teams.

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Intelligent Insights for Simple Contract Management

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Manage Contracts Quickly With Instant Contract Summaries

Simply upload your contracts and Summize will automatically create an instant summary that helps you manage clauses and information with one click.

  • Upload multiple contracts at once and store them by contract type
  • Use the Contract Calendar to set up email notifications for important contractual dates
  • Populate your company playbook and immediately identify where clauses are being used incorrectly
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Contract Management Made Easy

Contract Management Calculator

According to a study by EY, an average of 19,000 - 50,000 contracts are managed and reviewed every year by contracting teams at large organisations.

Why not find out what that's costing your business?

The calculations included in these tables were taken from a number of reports including: Glassdoor, World CC, ACC, EY, Goldman Sachs, and Summize. They also do not include the costs of Summize licences and are based on the savings to the entire legal team.

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