Contract Management

Use Summize as part of the contract management process and get instant insights into all of your contracts.
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Contract Management Solution

The Summize Contract Management Solution

Understand all of your contracts at a glance with instant summaries and automatic insights using Summize's contract management tools. Gain visibility into your contracts with the best contract management software for legal teams.
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Intelligent Insights for Simple
Contract Management

With an interactive dashboard, Summize breaks down the key information from your contracts, making contract management quicker and easier.
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Manage Contracts Quickly With Instant Contract Summaries

Simply upload your contracts and Summize will create an instant summary that helps you manage clauses and information with one click.
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An illustration showing the Summize dashboard
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Contract Management
Made Easy

Organise your contracts by client, department and project, and see their terms and clauses at a glance.
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