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Cloud-based software for legal teams and business users

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The contract management issues we solve

Regulations are constantly changing, and contracts are becoming more complex and costly to manage as a direct result. Manual contract management has long been an overdue change.

Legal teams know that contracts are documents that move with time – and storing them in one place doesn’t solve the challenge of knowing what’s inside them. Digital contracting modernises, accelerates, and improves contract management processes.

Summize Dashboard and Analytics
The Summize Repository

Next generation contract management

Manage all your contracts at a glance, joining up the dots across the business. A dynamic contract repository provides you with instant summaries and automatic insights into key contractual data, highlighting risk across all your contracts.

Organise your contracts by client, department, location, or projects, and allow access to business users or clients with shareable links improving collaboration. Contract management made easy.

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"Unlike other Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, Summize has simplified and shortened RVU's entire contract lifecycle, without them having to change their existing ways of working."

Natalie Salunke, Head of Legal @ RVU

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Digital contract management

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Intelligent insights

Break down key contractual information into easy-to-read, shareable summaries. Highlight your risks and find opportunity across all your contracts, no matter how unique they are.

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Enhanced decision making

The data engine unlocks better decision-making and actionable insights, summarising risk and cost savings while accelerating revenue. Make contract management quick and easy with an interactive dashboard that breaks down key information across your portfolio.

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Streamlined workflows

Smart workflows allow you to track and accelerate a contract throughout its lifecycle. An Integrated CLM solution uses other technology (e.g. Teams, Slack, Word) as the primary business user interface, making it relevant to the full enterprise.

Summize integrated contract management

Why choose Summize?

  • It's for any contract and any contract process
  • Workflow tracking with actionable insights
  • Automatic extraction of key dates with built-in email reminders
  • Instant answers to contract queries using the Contract Insights feature
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Calculate your ROI

According to a study by EY, an average of 19,000 - 50,000 contracts are managed and reviewed every year by contracting teams at large organisations.

Why not find out what that's costing your business?

The calculations included in these tables were taken from a number of reports including: Glassdoor, World CC, ACC, and Summize. They also do not include the price of Summize licences.

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