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Summary issues: solved

Manual contract summaries are time-consuming, prone to human error and key information is often missed or overlooked in the process.

Commercial teams often experience delays and bottlenecks in the contracting process, while in-house lawyers face burnout with long and repetitive processes causing operational headaches. The lack of transparency and insight into key contractual information causes delays and backlogs in the sales cycle.

Intelligent contract summaries from Summize

Summize's unique ability to summarise contracts means that we are pioneering true digital contracting.

Our powerful data engine gives businesses access to better decision making and actionable insights, summarising risk and potential cost savings but also accelerating revenue opportunities.

Intelligent contract summaries with contextual insights allow you to make business decisions based on risk and opportunity. Simplify your summaries even more by leveraging our ChatGPT integration which produces easy-to-read, natural language summaries – saving even more time.

The benefits of automated contract summaries

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Intelligent insights

Break down contractual information into easy-to-read summaries, highlighting risk and including comments, red flags, and notes. Summize creates comprehensive summaries, no matter how unique your contracts are.

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Faster, smarter summaries

Save legal time and resources. The Summize data engine unlocks better decision-making and actionable insights, allowing you to access key contractual information seamlessly and get to revenue faster.

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Improved collaboration

Improve cross-department collaboration and allow users to self-serve on contractual tasks within Teams or Slack. Seamlessly share contractual summaries with key stakeholders via a read-only link, instantly highlighting key contractual information.

Summize integrated summaries

Why Summize?

  • Smarter business decision making across the contract lifecycle
  • Accelerate contract reviews by 85% - saving time and boosting revenue
  • World’s first Integrated CLM solution for increased user satisfaction and adoption
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"The contract summaries mean we have a deeper understanding of all of our contracts."

Katy Batley, Head of Customer Success @ AppLearn

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