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Legal Front Door Software

Summize's legal front door is an intuitive, dynamic solution that the whole business will love. Improve and accelerate legal contract processes.

  • A smarter way for business users to submit centralised contract requests to the in-house legal team
  • Standardise your approach to contract creation, review and negotiation
  • Contextual Q&A provides real-time responses, building legal contracts instantly without legal intervention
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Cloud-based software for legal teams and business users

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How we solve the legal front door

Contracts are becoming more costly and complex, and slow, manual contract processes are slowing down sales and procurement cycles that impact revenue generation.

For contract workflows to be effective, they should span the whole organisation, as well as the legal team itself. The important information contained within contracts needs to be readily available and accessible before it can be useable.

The gateway to your legal team

Traditional legal front door solutions have allowed commercial users to submit contract requests via a form or shared inbox, set up and managed by legal. These commercial queries to in-house legal teams are causing a backlog in requests, impacting sale cycles, introducing risk and contributing to mounting pressure on legal resources.

Summize takes a different approach. Your legal front door is natively built within Microsoft Teams or Slack, allowing users to create contracts, raise issues, submit documents, and receive self-service guidance all within the native chat experience.

Why Summize for CLM?

Use CLM software for fast and frictionless contract processes

Improved legal efficiency

Improve and accelerate legal contract processes without changing ways of working. Intelligent CLM analytics track contract response times, negotiation cycles, request types, status, owner and much more!

Use CLM software for fast and frictionless contract processes

Faster contract cycles

Eliminate bottlenecks in sales cycles by helping commercial teams self-serve on contractual agreements. Enable contract creation in less than 2 minutes, with first pass reviews achievable in under 5 minutes.

Use CLM software for fast and frictionless contract processes

Streamlined workflows

By uniquely interacting with familiar collaboration tools, including Teams and Slack, legal communication is streamlined and centralised across the entire business. It's a smarter way to submit contract requests

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Intuitive, powerful, time-saver.

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Calculate your ROI

According to a study by EY, an average of 19,000 - 50,000 contracts are created, managed and reviewed every year by contracting teams at large organisations.

Why not find out what that's costing your business?

The calculations included in these tables were taken from a number of reports including: Glassdoor, World CC, ACC, and Summize. They also do not include the price of Summize licences.

Summize benefits

Smarter contract reviews

Identify and automatically extract key dates and add them to the calendar, with built-in reminders. Never miss a renewal or contract termination date again. Areas of concern are instantly red flagged for quicker and more accurate contract reviews.

Faster revenue generation

Legal and business users can collaborate in familiar tools, with first pass contract reviews executed in <5 minutes. As the legal front door, Summize makes contract reviews faster and consistent via Teams and Slack.

Mitigated risk

Summize accelerates contract reviews by 85%, reducing legal risk in minutes and removing legal bottlenecks from the sales cycle. Legal teams retain control with approved templates and content, with contract reviews managed easily within Microsoft Word.

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