We're different because we focus on three core elements of the contract lifecycle


Automatic extraction and summary of content

Summize automatically extracts and summarises content from contracts,
making the valuable data inside them easily accessible with actionable tasks that are automatically added to your calendar.


Intelligent automation makes workflows smarter

We use intelligent automation to make workflows simpler and smarter across the business. We're the first solution that plugs directly into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams and Slack. It's an intuitive Q&A style bot for all business users, acting as the digital legal front door.


Powerful data engine for business decisions

Summize's powerful data engine unlocks better decision-making and actionable insights, summarising risk and potential cost savings while accelerating revenue opportunities.

Seamlessly integrates with your (other) favourite cloud solutions

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An intuitive, dynamic solution the whole business will love

Legal teams gain visibility and control, while business colleagues are empowered to self-serve. Improve legal service delivery across the organisation.

Business just got faster with Summize

Shorten your contract cycles to increase revenue, while reducing and managing risk.

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