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Digital contracting software that benefits the entire business

For a contract lifecycle management solution to be effective, workflows should span the whole organisation, as well as the legal team itself. From sales to HR, Summize makes contractual processes simple.

By uniquely interacting with familiar collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, legal communication is streamlined and centralised across the entire business.

Seamlessly integrates with your (other) favourite cloud solutions

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Smarter and faster digital contracting

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Faster revenue generation

The unique ability for commercial teams to self-serve for contractual agreements via Teams and Slack – with most contracts created automatically in less than 1 minute eliminates lengthy processes, bottlenecks, and delays in the sales cycle.

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Shorter contract cycles

With a digital front door as the automated communication between legal and commercial users, contract creation and review cycles are faster, more consistent, and more efficient. Controlled & governed by legal, accessible by every user for smarter contract creation.

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Improved collaboration

Interact and collaborate directly within Microsoft Teams or Slack, with in-built workflows and automation.

Download the datasheet to share with your team

Download the datasheet