LinkSquares Users Can't Use Teams & Slack to Self-Serve

Choose Summize for Superior Contract Lifecycle Management

Make an informed decision when it comes to managing your contracts. Discover why Summize outshines LinkSquares as the superior Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution. Benefit from seamless integrations, simplified collaboration, and advanced features that empower your business.

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Unlock the Power of Summize: Real Results, Real Success

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the game-changing capabilities of Summize. Get ready to witness your own success story when you choose Summize as your preferred CLM system.

Supercharge Productivity

Purple slashed contract management time by an astounding 50%.

Unlock Growth Potential

Day Wireless Systems speed up contract reviews from a mere 4 to 25 contracts per week!

Turbocharge Efficiency

Littlefish revolutionized NDA creation, reducing it from half a day to just ten minutes.

Unite Your Teams

Klockner & Co harnessed the power of a Front Door to Legal (Ask Legal) for unprecedented business cohesion.

Why Summize is the clear choice over


Seamless Integration for Effortless Collaboration

With Summize, you can streamline contract creation, review, and legal consultations. We integrate seamlessly with all your favourite tools like Teams and Slack. Empower your teams to work together efficiently, ensuring a smooth flow of all your contracts.

Enhanced Functionality with Microsoft Word Integration

Summize has a direct integration with Microsoft Word, giving you access to its comprehensive features alongside our existing powerful CLM tools. The Summize Word integration provides you a supercharged contract experience within Word, including a powerful AI assistant for contract review and negotiations.

Proven Implementation Success

Our satisfied customers rave about our implementation program, which ensures a personalized and hands-on experience. We believe in equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to make the most of Summize. Our mandatory hands-on implementation program ensures a smooth transition and empowers your teams to utilize our CLM solution effectively.

Trusted Backing and Agile Innovation

Summize is backed by renowned VCs and esteemed board members who are readily available to discuss our growth and future plans. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate quickly, continuously enhancing our product based on customer feedback. Your voice matters in shaping our product roadmap.

Detailed Contract Summaries with Summize AI

Summize takes contract analysis to the next level with the optional Summize AI addition. Unlock more detailed and descriptive contract summaries, saving you valuable time and enhancing your understanding of critical contract terms and conditions.

Streamline Requests via Email with Outlook and Gmail Integrations

Summize integrates directly with Outlook and Gmail to provide the core CLM functionalities so users can manage their contracts and negotiations without switching platforms. Commercial users can now self-serve by initiating contract requests based on attachments and email content from their inbox.

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Unmasking LinkSquares’ Limitations

While LinkSquares may have its merits, it falls short in several key areas:

Limited Integration:

LinkSquares lacks integration with popular collaboration tools like Teams and Slack, hindering seamless communication and workflow efficiency.

Poor Product Understanding and Adoption:

Optional onboarding and implementation have resulted in inadequate product understanding among users. Summize's mandatory implementation program ensures comprehensive adoption and utilization.

Missing OpenAI Assistance:

LinkSquares lacks the OpenAI integration available in Summize, preventing users from benefiting from more detailed contract summaries.

Inability to Add Comments within Contracts:

Unlike Summize, LinkSquares does not allow users to add comments within contracts, hampering effective collaboration and task management. Summize's Conversations and Tasks feature addresses this limitation.

Inefficient Contract Notifications:

LinkSquares struggles with notifying multiple stakeholders about expiring or renewing contracts. Summize's Calendar Sync feature provides a simple and effective solution.

Not Designed for Business Users:

LinkSquares is not optimized for business users to self-serve, limiting their autonomy in managing contracts. Summize offers features tailored to business users' needs.

Make the switch to Summize!

A Summize customer switched from LinkSquares for these crucial reasons:

"Bad start"

LinkSquares failed to deliver the seamless experience anticipated.

Delayed Launch

April launch expectations turned into an agonizing wait until October! With Summize, we guarantee a 12-week maximum implementation programme.

Complexity Woes

This customer struggled with the day-to-day use of the system, hindering their productivity.

Time Lost in Extraction

It took three days to extract vital information from contracts, causing delays akin to pre-CLM inefficiencies!

But fear not! Summize empowers you to say goodbye to previous CLM setbacks and enjoy the benefits of choosing an effective CLM solution.

See some of their G2 reviews...
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“The interface is without folders. Difficulty in accessing contracts when need is urgent.”

“The interface itself looks very unprofessional. The interface (with so many tags) looks like a school education module rather than a professional CLM tool.”

“It is not easy to notify multiple stakeholders about contracts that are expiring or renewing.”

Key questions to consider when choosing a CLM tool

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Collaborative Work Environment:

Are you seeking a CLM solution that enables collaborative work between your business users and legal teams via platforms like Teams or Slack?

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Hands-On Implementation:

How important is it for you to have a personalized implementation plan that ensures a smooth transition and empowers your teams to utilize the CLM solution effectively?

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Efficient Contract Template Creation:

Can your legal team effectively create contract templates that facilitate self-service and accelerate deal closures for your commercial teams?

Don't just take our word for it...

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