Taking a Fresh Approach to Contracts

Summize and Johnson Hana formed an innovative partnership to help bring a new approach to their contracts and processes.
Johnson Hana

Key Outcomes

Cost Savings

from accelerated reviews passed on to clients.

Shareable Links

provides the firm's clients with a self-serve solution.

No-Code Solution

means that Summize has been tailored to meet their client requirements.

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Johnson Hana is the world’s most innovative, quality-focused Alternative Legal Solutions Provider. Operating across North America and Europe, they offer a combination of expert lawyers, smart technology, and project managers. With a focus on smart technology, their mission is to transform the legal industry so that it works better, for everyone.  

Being a legal solutions provider, the objective for Johnson Hana was to integrate a solution that complimented their existing suite of tools, to increase productivity and cut costs across the business. The primary issue was that the solution was needed for their client engagements, to improve their existing contract review and management process.

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Being a no-code solution meant that we saw an increase in productivity from day one with Summize.

Emer Durkan, Managing Director of Legal Solutions

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Summize is a solution provider that didn’t just try and completely change how we work to fit in.

Emer Durkan, Managing Director of Legal Solutions

The Solution

To accelerate their contract workflows, we helped Johnson Hana to implement Summize’s Contract Analysis Engine. By combining AI-powered technology with the best of humans, they simplified and accelerated their contract review process. With the Microsoft Word Add-In they can produce instant contractual summaries, instantly red flag areas of concern and review their contracts all in existing programs without having to alter existing working habits.  

Further value was added with the Shareable links functionality. By utilising this feature and read-only users, Summize has allowed Johnson Hana to provide their clients with a self-serve platform for communication.


Summize has allowed Johnson Hana to accelerate their contract review and management process and has also provided them with a cost-effective solution. Instant contract summaries, key date reminders, and the ability to review and redline contracts seamlessly within Microsoft Word has meant that they have been able to accelerate and simplify their contract review management process. Being a no-code solution, Summize has given Johnson Hana the flexibility to adjust their services to meet the needs of their growing client base, without changing their existing working patterns.

Simplified contract management workflows and accelerated contract reviews has allowed Johnson Hana to increase productivity, provide a cost-effective service and pass on any savings directly to their clients.

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Summize has allowed our team to provide a more streamlined and efficient service to our clients, resulting in direct cost savings for them.

Emer Durkan, Managing Director of Legal Solutions

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