Accelerate deal velocity by managing contracts in Salesforce

Summize integrates directly with Salesforce for contract creation, review and Ask Legal requests, all accessed from the Salesforce opportunity record. Remove friction for commercial teams and improve compliance.
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Connect your Salesforce opportunities to Summize, get to revenue faster

Salesforce Legal Front Door

With the Summize Legal Front Door in Salesforce, you empower commercial users to create contracts in minutes, without switching applications.

Eliminate backlogs and speed up your sales cycle using cleverly embedded workflows that automatically handle contract requests and legal questions, triaged, and centralised for legal.

Salesforce Requests

Business users answer customisable questions in a fast, user-friendly experience. Standard requests such as generating NDAs are quick and simple, ensuring business compliance without the need for manual legal intervention.

Using your approved Playbooks and clauses, legal retains control without being a bottleneck on deals

Legal team efficiencies

Summize brings instant visibility, intelligence, speed, and consistency to how legal teams manage digital contracts.

Now, by connecting contract processes into Salesforce, you can track and accelerate any commercial contract throughout its lifecycle, capture all requests centrally and more effectively manage your team's workload.

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It's likely you already use Teams and Slack to communicate. Now use these tools to automatically create contracts too.

Using predesigned and approved legal templates, business stakeholders can request contracts in minutes, directly from their Teams and Slack interface. From NDAs to Order Forms or MSAs, we've got you covered.

It's a faster, smarter Legal Front Door.

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Legal teams love Microsoft Word, and so do we! The Summize Word Add-In empowers in-house legal teams to review and negotiate contracts in a supercharged Word environment.

Imagine being able to seamlessly spotlight crucial parts of your contracts and make swift amends during negotiation. Now, instant AI-powered summaries make light work of complex contracts, saving up to 85% in manual review time.


Secure, central storage for all your signed contracts. The Summize Repository delivers a more seamless search exprience with over 100 filtering options.

Dive into your data with precision and find what you need in a flash, including renewal dates, clauses, and terms. Plus, contract analytics allow you to set and track KPIs.

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Hear from one of our customers...

Neeltje Bramer from Ionity
Neeltje Bramer
Legal Counsel at Ionity

Summize has saved us so much time! Creating a contract through the integration is much faster and has freed up the legal teams’ time to focus on more high-value work.

Maximise user adoption by managing contracts in existing software platforms

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