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Series 2

Episode 1 - Summize in Conversation with... Larry Lueck and Susan Roberts

Larry Lueck and Susan Roberts are part of the in-house legal team at Nsight, a leading telecommunications provider based in North-East America. Larry joined the team as In-House Counsel in 2001, before Susan joined the team in 2016.

The pair have extensive experience working with several CLM providers before becoming Summize customers in 2023. In this episode, we talk about how they chose the right CLM solution for them, what has gone wrong in the past and the benefits they have seen using Summize.

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Episode 2 - Summize in Conversation with… Brandon Tatum

In this episode of Summize’s ‘In Conversation With...’ series, we are joined by Brandon Tatum, music/entertainment executive and international legal counsel. Brandon has had a successful career working within large law firm practice groups, within in-house legal departments, and as private outside counsel for several high-profile traditional and Web3 music and entertainment companies across the globe.

Brandon has also experienced first-hand the challenges surrounding contracts and the benefits implementing a CLM solution can bring to an organisation. In this episode, Brandon will share how to cut above the noise and choose the right CLM solution for you and his top tips to ensure a successful CLM implementation.

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Episode 3 - Summize in Conversation with... Phil Simon

Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack have become part of the day-to-day operations of many businesses. With the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerating the adoption of collaboration tools, more and more companies now look to adopt other technology to integrate with these systems to avoid learning entirely new software.

In this episode, we chat with Phil Simon, future of work guru and author of multiple books, including ‘Reimagining Collaboration’, on the importance of embracing collaboration tools within the workplace, how best to use them and how other technology that integrates with tools such as Teams and Slack can further benefit businesses.

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Series 1

Episode 1 - The Human Side of AI

In this episode, we cover the latest developments in legal technology, including the findings of a report on AI in the legal sector from The University of Oxford. We also chat to Sam Walkley (Lawyer at XVO Legal) and Tom Dunlop (CEO and Founder at Summize) about the human side of AI and the impact of the Ukrainian war on technology.

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Episode 2 - The Legal Industry in the Metaverse

In this episode, we explore the latest from the world of legal and technology, including the findings of a report on home working in the legal sector of the UK and US. We also chat to Electra Japonas (CEO and Founder at TLB) and Tom Dunlop (CEO and Founder at Summize) to hear about the impact of the metaverse on legal.

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Episode 3 - Trends in IP and Patent Law

In this episode, we talk to Rosie Burbidge (Specialist IP Layer and Partner at Gunnercooke) and Richard Somerfield (CTO at Summize) about the trends in IP and patent law, as well as how they feel about the hybrid working styles of the future.

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Episode 4 - Buying Legal Tech

In this episode, we take a look at the latest UK legal technology event from Summize - Tech Play Day. We also chat to Ben Audley (CRO at Summize) and Magnus Lindberg (Country Lead at JOHOC and Advisor at Legal Connection) about the procurement of legal tech and how to roll out complex tech to your organisation.

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Episode 5 - Taking Diversity in Legal Seriously

In this episode, we explore how people and organisations are being disruptive in the legal tech industry. We also chat to Katie Passley (Senior Solicitor at EY) and Steven John (Head of Customer Success at Summize) about their experiences around race, sexuality and gender in their industries.

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Episode 6 - Battle-Tested Strategies from a General Counsel

In this episode, we speak to Bjarne Tellmann (Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Member of the Executive of Haleon) and Tom Dunlop (CEO and Founder at Summize) about his strategies to be an effective General Counsel and his new book: Building an Outstanding Legal Team.

Bonus Episode - Expert Discussion with Artificial Lawyer

In this special bonus episode, Tom Dunlop (CEO and Founder at Summize), Vanessa Challess (Founder at Tiger Law), Electra Japonas (CEO and Founder at TLB) and Richard Tromans (Founder at Artificial Lawyer) provide crucial tips for implementing innovation and digital contracting, and talk about how they approach legal differently.

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