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Summize simplifies contract management from end-to-end, making it easier to file documents, prioritise tasks, and find key financial data.

Its intuitive technology extracts metadata to close the gap between contracted and real-time payment terms, meaning finance teams can quickly monitor compliance and spending across all contracts.

The dynamic contract repository also lets you stay ahead of contract billing and auto-renewals by automatically extracting key dates and creating email reminders.

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For Finance Teams

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Greater visibility into revenue and spend
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Improved financial forecasting
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Advanced self-service capabilities with dynamic responses
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Automatic extraction of crucial dates with built-in email reminders
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A centralised location for all legal requests
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Mitigated financial and business risk
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Smarter business decision-making
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Improved visibility into contract obligations
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Enhanced monitoring of any existing contract obligations

CLM benefits for Finance

Decrease erroneous payments by 90%

Decrease erroneous payments by 90%

Reduce erroneous payments by 50%

Reduce contract management time by 50%

Cut operating costs by up to 30%

Cut business operating costs by up to 30%

Enhanced decision making

Summize's AI-powered data engine unlocks better decision-making and actionable insights, summarising risk and cost savings across the business. Make contract management quick and easy for pre- and post-signature contracts with an interactive dashboard that identifies critical information across your portfolio.

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Summize improves efficiency by allowing me to get to the required information super quickly without getting distracted scrolling through hundreds of irrelevant pages.

Administrator, Computer Software Industry - G2 Review

Central repository

Create a single source of truth with a centralised contract management repository and advanced search capabilities. Break down your critical contractual information into easy-to-read, shareable summaries, highlighting risk and opportunity across your contract portfolio. Never miss an auto-renewal or contract expiration date again.

Summize provides a central repository
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The dashboard acts as a live window in our contracts, providing us with key information instantly.

Natalie Salunke - Head of Legal, RVU
Mitigate risk with Summize

Mitigated risk

Remove the financial and business risk across your organisation and remove occurrences of non-compliance with Summize's intuitive chatbot. Users can quickly and easily build contracts with pre-set questions and no jargon.

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Summize’s ability to integeate into MS Teams and Word has empowered business users to self-serve and their flexibility and openness to suggestions from both the Legal and Digitalisations team has meant that Summize now fits neatly into our user experience.

Kristel Graham - UK Chief Compliance Officer, Kloeckner

A frictionless experience

Summize is simple to use and manage. Our CLM software seamlessly integrates contract processes into familiar tools, using Microsoft Teams & Slack to maximise user adoption.

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The user interface also seamlessly integrated with the platforms we already use, which is going to be a real game-changer for the way we interact with contracts across the business.

Kenzo Onumonu - Director of Legal, Modern Milkman

Hear it from our customers...

To digitalize their contractual processes, Summize’s repository provided an manageable and centralised location for Purple’s contracts. The contract repository also contains advanced search capabilities, meaning that business users can easily search for answers without having to go through legal.

Take control of your contracts

See how Summize can simplify contract management across the end-to-end lifecycle, helping teams to execute, store, monitor and report on contracts more easily.
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