Reviewing Contracts Quickly and Easily

Despite only having a legal team with only two in-house general counsels, UserZoom reviewed 450 contracts in under 24 hours by using Summize.
Europe & North America

Key Outcomes


contract reviews completed in less than 1 working day

Company Playbook

allows any contract to be reviewed, no matter how unique

Shareable Links

has improved business visibility into key contractual information

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UserZoom is one of the worlds leading operators in UI and UX services for Design, Research, Product, and Marketing teams. With over 400 employees across North America, Spain, and the United Kingdom, they are an award-winning company, that has solutions to address the depths of user insights goals for digital product development teams.

The underlining challenge with UserZoom was that as the company continues to expand, the legal team’s workload continued to grow, and they still have to manually review their contracts. The obstacle UserZoom were faced with was that they needed to complete 450+ contract reviews before the end of the month. With only two in-house lawyers, and tight timescales, they were reluctant to take on a tech heavy system that required a systematic change to the way that they currently worked.

The nature of manual contract reviews meant that their contract review process was slow, prone to errors, and lacked full transparency. UserZoom set out to find a soliton that allowed them to digitalise and accelerate their contract review process.

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One of the best parts was that we didn’t have to change how we did things within the team.

Zak Daliri, Global Legal Director

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It’s simple to use and manage, and has completely changed the way we interact with our contracts by improving collaboration between the legal team and the wider business.

Zak Daliri, Global Legal Director

The Solution

By collating with Summize’s Product Team, UserZoom were able to seamlessly implement Summize’s Contract Analysis Engine. First, they tailored the platform with their bespoke clauses and their company playbook which set their standard positions and precedent texts. They then began accelerating their contract review process with instant summaries by combining human and AI-powered technology.

The Shareable Links feature further added value, allowing the team to instantly share their summaries, notes, and feedback across the rest of the business with the click of a button.


With the customisable playbook feature, UserZoom uploaded multiple contracts simultaneously and were able to review all 450+ contracts within 1 working day. The no code, no limitations platform meant that the team didn’t have to change the way they worked. It simplified and accelerated their existing process.

By continuing to add their own bespoke clauses and company playbook, the Contract Analysis Engine is able to review and redline contracts that are unique to UserZoom. The Shareable Links feature allowed UserZoom to share contractual summaries, notes, and feedback with read-only users, allowing them to improve cross-functional collaboration.

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Summize has shortened our contract cycle whilst reducing and managing the legal risk.

Zak Daliri, Global Legal Director

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