Summize for
Sales teams

Connect your Salesforce opportunities to Summize without switching applications. Our embeddable front door to legal allows you to work with existing work tools, leading to an intuitive experience that helps you close more deals and gets you to revenue faster.

It’s a legal tech solution built for commercial teams.
Microsoft Teams

Summize for sales teams

Summize’s front door to legal is natively built within Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, and Jira, providing a user-friendly process for legal requests, and giving you the confidence to solve queries quickly without legal intervention. Now, you can use Salesforce, Jira, Teams, or Slack to create contracts, raise issues, submit documents, and receive self-service guidance within your native app experience.
  • See all information associated with the requested contract directly within Salesforce
  • Accelerate the entire contract lifecycle, without learning how to use a new tool
  • Use pre-approved templates which can be immediately sent out to clients
  • Advanced self-service capabilities, with dynamic responses for shorter contract cycles
  • Standardised approach to contract negotiation with improved collaboration

CLM Benefits for

Sales teams

Fast-track negotiation cycles by 50%
Speed up contract lifecycles by 37%
Cut contract review time by up to 85%

Faster Revenue Generation

Remove bottlenecks in your sales cycles and enable contract creation in under 2 minutes. With Summize, self-service contract drafting directly with Salesforce, Jira, Teams and Slack facilitates faster negotiation cycles and allows commercial users to close sales deals faster - without worrying about legal risk.
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Summize has made for a more efficient contracting process for people in the business, which has also freed up time for our Legal team
Diva Vaish
Project Manager in a Top 10 Investment Bank

Shorter contract cycles

A smarter way for business users to submit centralised contract requests to the legal team. With a digital front door as the automated communication between legal and commercial users, contract creation and review cycles are faster, more consistent, and more efficient. Controlled & governed by legal, accessible by every user for smarter contract creation.
Speeding up the legal process and continuing to improve our digital journey is critical to unlocking our next phase of growth, and this is why we approached Summize.
Kenzo Onumonu
Director of Legal, Modern Milkman

Increased visibility

Understand where your deals are up to in the contract process, with important data automatically extracted and summarised by the Summize analysis engine. Use these insights to spot inefficiencies and improve forecasting and collaboration across the business, accelerating your path to revenue.
Summize's power is in delivering me key information on my customer contracts at my fingertips without ever having to search for it.
Katy Batley
Head of Customer Success, AppLearn

Improved collaboration

Smart built-in workflows and automation allow you to track and accelerate a contract throughout its lifecycle. With Salesforce, Outlook, Gmail, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Word, and Slack as the primary interface, users can interact and collaborate directly on contract tasks, making it relevant to the entire business.
One of the best parts was that we didn’t have to change how we did things within the team.
Zak Daliri
Global Legal Director, UserZoom

Hear it from our customers...

“With Summize in place and our Slack integration for self-service contract creation, NDAs and trial agreements are being signed faster, which was a key objective for Thought Machine. Version control is easier, stakeholders are pleased with the new template/process, and the legal team has more time to spend on the more strategic work.”

See Summize in Action

Discover a better way for your sales team to self-serve on contract creation and negotiation cycles from the pioneering team at Summize.
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