Summize AI Breaks Down Language Barriers in Contract Negotiations

This article details how the AI Assistant, a key component of Summize's AI-powered CLM platform, is breaking down language barriers in contract negotiations.
May 14, 2024
Last updated:
May 14, 2024

How Summize AI Breaks Down Language Barriers in Contract Negotiations

In today's global business scene, dealing with contracts often means navigating different languages and international borders. For a long time, language differences have been a challenge, causing confusion, delays, extra costs, and legal issues.  

That’s where the Summize AI Assistant comes into its own as the trusted language translator for in-house legal teams.

The Power of Summize AI and the AI Assistant   

Summize AI brings speed, automation and intelligence to the way your legal and commercial teams create, negotiate and manage contracts across the entire business. The AI Assistant acts as a super-smart assistant for legal teams during contract drafting and review.

The AI Assistant allows you to ask questions of your contract, compare to Playbook and even translate clauses into other languages, perfect for sharing with global colleagues or external parties.  

We’ve heard from clients who have previously incurred long wait times in negotiations until their German or French-speaking lawyers are able to give feedback on the contract. Now, the language capabilities of Summize AI allow huge savings in time and cost, without having to rely on bilingual team members or translators.  

The AI Assistant Language Capabilities in Action  

From la langue française (French) to el lenguaje español (Spanish), język polski (Polish) and more, we’ve got you covered.

Select a portion of the contract and ask the AI Assistant to translate it into a desired language

Get the translated section of the contract in the AI Assistant chat immediately

To take advantage of our translation capabilities:

- Open a contract in Summize using Word for the Web or the native Word app.

- Using the Summize Word Add-in, navigate to the “AI Assistant” tab.

- Select any paragraph or clause you want to translate. The AI Assistant will immediately respond with the requested language.

- Users can automatically replace the original text with the translated text in the contract.

Other cool features of the AI Assistant include:

Coherent drafting and negotiation with the AI Assistant: Simply ask the AI Assistant your questions in the side panel and it will provide instant responses.

Templated prompts including one that compares to your Playbook: Set up limitless prompts according to your most regularly used requests, saving time on repeat tasks. The “Compare to Playbook” prompt will compare clauses on the contract with what's on your pre-designed Playbook, without switching applications. This helps to improve compliance and standardise your legal processes.

What else is possible with Summize AI?

Summize AI helps to create easy-to-read natural language summaries.  

By identifying relevant sentences, paragraphs, and clauses with the automatic extraction of locations, numbers and terms, Summize AI succinctly summarises the information you need to know, accelerating contract review processes by 85%.

Security First

We understand the obvious importance of security of sensitive data. Summize works with Microsoft technologies and uses Azure's super-secure global setup to ensure no compromise. With regular security tests, single sign-on (SSO), end-to-end cryptographically secure tokens, and a well-maintained framework – Summize has all the safety measures in place to keep your data safe.

See the AI Assistant in action

The AI Assistant’s language translation abilities have turned the tables on contract negotiations by eliminating language barriers from contract review processes. The result?  Smarter, smoother, faster negotiations!

Summize is a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution built to transform, simplify and streamline contract processes for your business. Summize AI and the AI Assistant is brought to you by our R&D lab where we continue to build innovations.  

To see Summize’s unique approach to CLM including the capabilities of the AI Assistant, book a demo with our contract specialists now.