Summize Closes Gap on Inbox Blackhole With Gmail Experience

Summize has announced another step forward in its bid to make contracts accessible to the entire business by launching the world’s first CLM email assistant for Gmail.

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June 12, 2024


June 20, 2024

Hot on the heels of its recent Microsoft Outlook announcement, the Gmail integration works by installing a Chrome extension which brings the Summize functionality for managing contracts straight into the inbox of G-suite businesses.  

The latest innovation is designed to join the dots of contract workflows by closing the “blackhole” of email communications for contracts.  

The benefits are experienced most by commercial or sales teams, allowing them to stay within Gmail for contract negotiations and speeding up the review cycle. For the legal team, risk is minimised as email attachments are no longer isolated from the centralised repository, and instead are seamlessly connected.

Summize’s inbuilt AI identifies any attachments from Gmails, allowing business users to request new contracts to be generated, revise existing requests, attach the latest version and store files to and from Summize without having to download and re-upload documents.  

Tom Dunlop, CEO at Summize said: “Gmail completes our Inbox experience by automatically enabling a digital thread joining all contract requests and conversations that happen over email. We first launched this experience in Microsoft Outlook, and now the Chrome extension offers the same advantages but for businesses who use Gmail.  

In this market, integrations to other platforms are not all equal…it’s the ones that truly live where users do and create an embedded experience that will be adopted by the business. Ultimately that means success for the CLM project and its stakeholders, and real value for the business.”

The Summize Gmail experience is available at no additional cost to existing Summize licence holders from this month.