Summize takes a Future-Ready Approach to CLM

Microsoft's announcement of the Copilot functionality proves that Summize has been ahead of the curve in preparing for the future of CLM.
December 21, 2023
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December 21, 2023

Microsoft's Copilot functionality has caused a stir among avid users of Microsoft's products. Used to enhance tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams, businesses are keen to see how it can enhance their productivity.

The Power of Microsoft Copilot

Copilot is set to revolutionise the way businesses interact with Microsoft products. For example, in Microsoft Word, Copilot will provide an AI-powered writing assistant that offers suggestions for summaries, writing tones, and even automated document editing capabilities.  

While currently limited to an exclusive paid beta program, the upcoming release promises to provide businesses with the tools they need to optimise their day-to-day operations within Microsoft's suite of products.

Summize's User-Centric Approach

Microsoft Copilot highlights why it's important to have a user-centric approach to CLM. Instead of pushing an "all-in-one" CLM solution, Summize integrates with familiar platforms like Microsoft Word, Teams, and Slack. By enhancing these existing tools, Summize ensures a smoother adoption process for businesses and commercial teams!

Everyone resists change to extent and we all prefer using tools they’re already comfortable with. So by providing integrations to some of the world's favourite solutions, Summize improves adoption rates and reduces friction, creating a seamless CLM integration.

The Synergy between Microsoft Copilot and Summize

Summize's integration with Microsoft Word establishes a natural connection with Copilot. Users of Summize's CLM solution would also be able to seamlessly leverage Copilot's capabilities alongside Summize's Add-In, resulting in more enhanced contract processes. By selecting a different CLM provider that marginalises Microsoft Word and attempts to be an all-in-one platform, businesses limit their ability to harness the full potential of Copilot.  

Summize's commitment to complementing Copilot ensures that organisations can maximise the benefits of both solutions, leading to enhanced productivity, streamlined workflows, and improved contract management.

Summize's OpenAI Integration

Just as Microsoft's Copilot leverages AI, Summize embraces the power of AI through its OpenAI integration, powered by GPT-3.5's language model. This integration empowers users with an optional OpenAI functionality, allowing users to create accurate and concise contract summaries highlighting critical details at a glance.  

By taking advantage of the capabilities of GPT-3.5, Summize enables users to save time and effort while maintaining accuracy and precision in contract management processes.

“The integration with OpenAI has been fantastic at helping simplify long and complex contracts and allows us to provide more digestible summaries to the rest of the business”.

Derek Ihnen, Contracts Administrator at Boon Edam

Read the full customer story here.

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Microsoft's Copilot launch is a testament to Summize's forward-thinking approach to CLM. By integrating with widely used tools like Microsoft Word and embracing an approach built for the business, Summize has positioned itself as a complementary force to Copilot, enabling companies to optimise their use of Microsoft's suite of products.

When selecting a CLM solution, it is crucial to consider how well it supports your existing ecosystem and facilitates seamless collaboration. Isolated CLMs may offer some benefits in isolation, but they often hinder the ability to connect with others and work cohesively as a team.  

By choosing a CLM solution like Summize that embraces integration and collaboration, businesses can ensure a smooth transition, widespread adoption, and continued success.  

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