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Summize hosted its second Tech Play Day in London. After years of online demos, the event aimed to bring gamification to legal tech. Watch the highlights now.
December 21, 2023

Tom Dunlop - CEO & Founder, Summize

Tech Play Day really wanted to put the fun back into tech. So we've been to a number of events. We realised that having stalls and people basically being heckled the entire time probably isn't a great experience for the attendees.

Jonny Jessop - Enterprise Account Manager, Summize

Whilst that's kind of been the standard in many industries, it's not necessarily the best way to educate people and help them to learn.

Tom Dunlop - CEO & Founder, Summize

It's all about having fun, allowing people to actually play with the tech.

Jonny Jessop - Enterprise Account Manager, Summize

It's a much better use of your time and people enjoy it.

Timo Karakashev - CEO, Cosmonauts

It's been great to be here at the Summize Tech Play Day. I'm always curious about new alternative formats for conferencing. So I've really enjoyed the day.

Kristian Harper - Account Manager, AkoniHub

We thought it was really good to come along, have a chat, network and find out a little bit more about how we could fit in and help these types of clients.

Paul Massey - CEO & Founder,

Playing with the tools in a gamified way has just been a real eye opener and given us loads of insight into what lawyers are looking for.

Keesha Thayalan - Design & Tech Lead, Claustack

So I found that the idea has been sort of quite different in the legal space, but I feel like every vendor has worked quite differently to implement that idea into their platform.

Catherine Bamford - CEO & Founder, BamLegal

It's been so much fun. I've really enjoyed it. I think it's such a good idea. We're going to actually use all the tech today. Have a play.

David Graham - CRO, Just:Access

The nice thing about that is that it breaks down barriers, introduces people. They can approach it in a far more casual way.

Richard Tromans - Founder, Artificial Lawyer

At a lot of big legal tech events, you know it's just like a big queue. People go past all the booths, but here is a much more friendly, personal atmosphere.

Catherine Bamford - CEO & Founder, BamLegal

And it's also just been really nice to come back together as a community, to be honest. There's some people here today, that I haven't seen in two or three years and it's just been nice to reconnect.


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