The Integrated CLM Tool: Summize Product Walkthrough

The Summize Integrated CLM Tool product walkthrough
April 11, 2024


Summize takes a deliberately different approach to Contract Lifecycle Management, integrating directly into your everyday tools. Let’s start with the Legal Front Door, built as a chatbot directly in Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Commercial users can create standard contracts in minutes.

Just answer the pre-set questions set by legal to build your contract from a library of pre-approved templates in minutes.

No need to learn a new system or interface.

Your contract workflows sit within your existing tools.

Because for contracts to be successful, they must first be accessible.

But what about other requests?

Users can also raise issues, submit documents, and receive self-service guidance all within the familiar chat experience.

Once the request is submitted, it’s managed through automated task workflows by legal in the Summize platform.

Legal teams can track, triage, and manage these pre-signature requests in a central workspace – no need to search your emails or chase colleagues.

You can collaborate with other stakeholders, assign tasks and see a full audit trail of key actions and events.

What about the redlines?

We know that lawyers prefer to work in Microsoft Word, rather than in another new document editor. That’s why all contracts can negotiated directly in Word.

Summize will produce instant summaries and automatically red-flag any areas of concern, with your playbooks and clause bank incorporated for speed and accuracy.

We’ve also integrated with OpenAI to provide users with a bespoke, natural language summary, regardless of the contract type – so the summaries are useful to the whole business.

But what about contracts that have already been signed?

With Summize, you can manage all of your contracts at a glance, in one central, secure repository.

Get a snapshot of your contracts, making it easier to manage your live portfolio and helping you stay ahead of any important dates and deadlines.

The repository is accessed via a simple search feature, making it easier than ever to find specific contracts.

In a couple of clicks, view the summary, tasks, calendar events and any non-contractual attachments with a full history of key actions and events.

And if you’re looking for efficiencies, why not analyse multiple contracts?

Open the list view and group by type, party or different clause availability and export for further analysis.

Summize also integrates with DocuSign, Salesforce, G-Drive and many more familiar tools, for the Integrated CLM experience.

To learn more, get in touch for a custom demo.

It's digital contracting, done differently.


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Summize is a Contract Lifecycle Management solution that incorporates contract workflows into the tools you and your business already use every day.
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