Summize: The Story So Far

Watch our journey from start-up to leading legal tech vendor with the team that led the way. And we're only just getting started. CLM with a difference.

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June 1, 2022


December 21, 2023

Tom Dunlop - CEO and Founder

I'm Tom Dunlop, the Co-founder and the CEO at Summize. Summize is a Manchester-based, digital contracting software business, that essentially makes contracts simpler and easier to understand. So as a former general counsel and lawyer, I experienced the problems with contracts first-hand. They were, one over complicated, but also legal became the bottleneck in the business and working in fast growth tech businesses, I soon realised that legal was the department that was left behind in terms of automation, in terms of digitisation, and that's what led me to essentially think that it can be done better.

David Smith - Chief Development Officer and Founder

Me and Tom were both working at the same business. One day, Tom came up to me and said I've got this problem with contracts; I was just wondering, could we do... And that one question set off the whole chain. Every business has contracts. They have lots of contracts, and they're getting more and more complicated. What our software does is it scans the contracts that businesses use every day, breaks it down into component pieces and extracts key information and presents that back Summized for business users.

Ben Audley - Chief Revenue Officer

Contracts have been around for thousands of years, and originally they were very simple and easy to understand. Over time, they become increasingly complex and long and difficult to digest. And with most businesses finding that all their profitability and also their risk is tied up within these contracts, it's a challenge that most people face today. Most of our customers say that they can save up to 85% on previous manual contract reviews.

Richard Somerfield - Chief Technology Officer

The pandemic reshaped Enterprise IT almost overnight to a hybrid working model. And we've seen this right from the board all the way down, where people are switching over to this virtual office. And it's important that we bring our tools, our Summize tools, to that virtual office so people can work, whether they're at home or in the office and whatever tools they're using, whether that be Teams, Slack or Google workspaces. Tech giants use these products already. They use them across the board, and it's important that products fit into those working environments, and that's why we feel bringing a CLM solution to that virtual office is critical through adoption and to help enhance legal services.

Laura Butler - VP of Marketing

Summize wouldn't be where it is today without its people. We have a very clear and compelling vision, and we're all working in the same direction. Our CEO Tom has a unique background, combining high performance sportsmanship with entrepreneurial spirit, which has created a high growth environment. Our senior management team all have experience of scaling high growth, global software companies, and we've come together to go on that journey here at Summize. The focus on continuous improvement or Kaizen, allows Summize to continually strive to be the best at what we do.

Tom Dunlop - CEO and Founder

So what's next for Summize? Fundamentally, it's all about growth. So we want to build a business, with great people and a great culture. It's a really exciting time for us right now.

And we're ready to scale, ready to go international and with a particular focus on the US Market. So watch this space.