Successful Rollout to 150 Users in Just Five Weeks

IONITY partnered with Summize to create a front door to legal within Microsoft Teams, resulting in a streamlined contract lifecycle.
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Key Outcomes

Superfast implementation

and onboarding time

Non-legal users empowered

to create their own contracts via Microsoft Teams

Centralised repository

for contract storage

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IONITY builds and operates a high-power charging network along Europe's highways, using state-of-the-art technology with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW. By doing so drivers of electric vehicles benefit from maximum charging speeds while taking a break on their journey. Every IONITY charging station consists of an average of four charging points. As a commitment to sustainability, all IONITY chargers deliver 100% renewable energy for both emission-free and carbon neutral driving.

IONITY were looking for an all-in-one contract lifecycle management solution that could allow them to easily create, review and manage their contracts across the 24 countries they operate in. They were also looking for a solution that could be easily rolled-out across the business, empowering non-legal team members to self-serve on contractual tasks, reducing the admin burden on the legal team.

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The main benefits I have seen through using Summize is how much time we have saved. It’s so much faster to create a contract through the Teams integration and has freed up the legal teams time to focus on more high-value work.

Neeltje Bramer, Legal Counsel

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Summize is a system which is easily accessible and intuitive. The implementation team did a phenomenal job and provided us with a twelve-week success guarantee. We ended up doing it in five.

Ferdinand Wieland, Legal Counsel

The Solution

To maximise adoption across the business, Summize created a front door to legal using its Microsoft Teams integration, a well-established platform utilised daily by the IONITY team. By using the Summize Microsoft Teams integration, any user can now initiate or review contracts without the necessity of sending a formal request to the legal department.

On top of this, by using IONITY’s bespoke templates created in Summize, any business user can automatically create NDA’s and site agreements by answering a series of questions via Microsoft Word, in a number of different languages. The questions are set up and designed by legal, who can approve the contract before it is sent to a customer if pre-agreed triggers are met.


Empowering business users to create simple but bespoke contracts (e.g. site agreements) has meant IONITY’s legal team can shorten the contract lifecycle and speed up internal processes.

Integrating directly into current tools such as Teams has made using digital contracting software seamless. The whole business was able to see benefits in just a few weeks, completing implementation in less than half the time originally expected.

Watch what IONITY had to say about working with Summize here.

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We can easily say that Summize has helped make our daily workload faster and more straightforward.

Ferdinand Wieland, Legal Counsel

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