Time Spent Creating Contracts Halved with Summize

The HCI Group partnered with Summize to help them halve their time creating contracts and reduce departmental stress from heavy workloads.
The HCI Group

Key Outcomes

50% of time saved

when creating contracts

Contracts created through Microsoft Word

for ease of use and better visibility

Overall department stress

significantly decreased

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The HCI Group is a global leader in healthcare IT consulting and technology solutions. They are committed to improving healthcare globally through disruptive innovation and cost reduction. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, with international headquarters in the United Kingdom offers a broad scope of healthcare IT solutions in more than 15 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

With a small in-house team responsible for creating and managing hundreds of contracts, The HCI Group needed a solution to simplify and streamline contract creation and assist with delegating work.

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Summize has made our entire contract creation process much simpler and easier. It has been a total game-changer for our team.

Gemma Griffiths, Head of Operations for HCI UK&I at The HCI Group

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Summize has empowered our team. One of the biggest results of using Summize has been decreased work-related stress. Our stress levels have been 100% reduced!

Gemma Griffiths, Head of Operations for HCI UK&I at The HCI Group

The Solution

To automate the creation of contracts at The HCI Group, Summize created pre-approved contract templates that could be accessed through the Microsoft Word plug-in, meaning other members could easily create contracts and share them for approval with minimal changes to the overall structure of the contract. Each contract is compliant by setting pre-approved questions, clauses, and templates to ensure consistency and visibility of contractual risk. This made it quicker and easier for business users to create contracts and for the Head of Operations to approve them.

The team can also create standard contracts through the Summize Microsoft Teams integration, allowing business users to input data via Teams chatbot in a Q&A format, such as names and dates, without changing any fundamental details.


By digitalising their contract creation process with Summize, The HCI Group has empowered other team members to create contracts through standard templates, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the board and reducing the risk of missed mistakes. Contract creation time has also halved, reducing overall stress for the whole department.

By integrating with existing tools used by The HCI Group daily, including Microsoft Teams and Word, Summize was rolled out and implemented quickly. The contract creation process is much quicker and more straightforward, allowing the team time to focus on more value-adding tasks.

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The Customer Success and Implementation team at Summize has been fantastic. They were incredibly supportive in our onboarding and roll-out process and are always on hand to help us ensure we see real results.

Gemma Griffiths, Head of Operations for HCI UK&I at The HCI Group

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