NDA Creation Reduced from 1/2 a day to 10 Minutes

Littlefish implemented Summize’s innovative Contract Lifecycle Management solution, empowering non-legal teams to self-serve in Teams on contractual tasks.

Key Outcomes

Centralised repository

A clever and manageable contract repository, including access controls and data-driven reports.

From half a day to 10 minutes

Contract creation of standard contracts is now significantly quicker

Self-service in Teams

Non-legal users across the business can create standard agreements via Teams, with legal being able to retain control of templates.

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Littlefish is a multi-award-winning Managed IT Services Provider that offers a comprehensive range of managed IT, cyber security, cloud and IT consultancy services across the UK to help your organisation gain competitive advantage from investments in IT. Delivered by a highly skilled and experienced team, they offer enterprise-ready services to satisfy the scale of any business.

Before implementing Summize, contracts were being stored manually at Littlefish, with reduced control and visibility as to who had access or had made changes to contracts. With a small in-house legal team managing hundreds of contracts, they also needed a solution that allowed legal to retain control of templates, whilst empowering non-legal teams to create their own contracts such as licence agreements, creating efficiency for the legal department by enabling self-service.

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Summize has been hugely helpful. What used to take half a day to create an NDA now only takes 10 minutes.

Rosie Hawkridge, Legal Counsel at Littlefish

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Implementing Summize was quick and straight-forward and the Summize team were always on-hand to support us with any questions or issues we faced.

Rosie Hawkridge, Legal Counsel at Littlefish

The Solution

With Summize, Littlefish now has a clever and centralised contract repository to not only manage their contracts, but also allow them to easily pull data for the contracts that they have stored – including legacy contracts. Calendar functionality allows everyone to stay up to date with contract renewal and expiry dates, with reminders automatically sent to the relevant people meaning Littlefish will never miss an important contractual date.

Summize also helped Littlefish create pre-approved contract templates, such as licence agreements, which allows non-legal teams to simply input basic data via a Teams chatbot in a Q&A format such as names and dates without changing any of the fundamental details, making it a lot quicker for legal to approve these contracts and remove the manual burden.


By digitalising their contract lifecycle with Summize, Littlefish have been able to empower their account management team to self-serve on contractual tasks by enabling the creation of contracts directly in existing tools – meeting the account management team where they already work and freeing up the legal teams to focus on more strategic value-adding work. The contract repository has allowed Littlefish to store their contracts and control who is allowed to see them and track any changes made, adding that extra layer of security.

The key renewal date function has allowed important dates to be automatically extracted and added to the calendar, with the team receiving built-in email reminders, creating efficiencies and ensuring commercial opportunities are maximised.

The account management team at Littlefish were also able to utilise Summize’s super summary, powered by Summize AI. Summize’s technology instantly scans through contractual documents and identifies relevant sentences and paragraphs to clauses, including the ability to extract key dates, locations, numbers, and terms. The ChatGPT natural language capability allows the context to be fed back to the user in simpler, cleaner language, making it easier for non-legal users to understand.

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Using Summize AI for contract summaries is fantastic to help non-legal users understand the information being pulled out of the contracts in a more simplified and human way.

Rosie Hawkridge, Legal Counsel at Littlefish

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