Time Searching for Contracts Reduced from Days to Minutes

Gamma worked with Summize to create an intuitive contract repository, saving the procurement team days of searching and managing contracts.
UK & Europe

Key Outcomes

Business users empowered

to self-serve on contractual tasks

Centralised and intuitive

contract repository

Searching for contracts reduced

to just two minutes

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Gamma is a leading supplier of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in the UK, German, Spanish and Benelux business markets. With a range of UCaaS, Mobile and Connectivity services, Gamma provides robust and secure solutions that enable organisations to communicate, collaborate and offer a better customer experience.

With a busy procurement team processing hundreds of contracts across the business, Gamma struggled to streamline the process without a centralised contract repository. They wanted to implement a solution to create an easy-to-use and intelligent contract repository for the entire business. Their ideal tool would be able to store and search for contracts, reducing the time the procurement team used to search for contracts.

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We have been working with Summize for three and a half years, and we love the tool. It’s simple and easy to use, and the team has been so helpful and dedicated to improving our processes.

Colin Bell, Director of Procurement

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Summize has revolutionised how we store our contracts. We could sometimes spend up to 24 hours searching for a contract. It now takes us a matter of minutes.

Colin Bell, Director of Procurement

The Solution

Summize’s contract repository provided an intuitive and manageable centralised location for all Gamma’s contracts while also digitalising their contract lifecycle processes. The tool contains advanced search capabilities, helping other departments easily search for answers without going through procurement, saving time for both parties.

A mass extraction feature was also introduced to ensure Summize kept in line with Gamma’s compliance policy. This means that when Gamma completes a contract, it can be easily exported onto an external system quickly and easily.  

These features were the key reason why Gamma chose to partner with Summize.


By digitalising Gamma’s contract repository, business users have been empowered to self-serve on contractual tasks. The clever and intuitive search feature within the repository has meant contracts can be easily found, which previously could often take around 24 hours and now takes 2 minutes. It also provides instant summaries and actionable tasks, as well as flagging immediate risks across Gamma’s contracts.

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Summize has been so open and receptive to feedback. One of the reasons we chose to partner with them is that they are customer-first, listen to their customers, and that feedback helps shape the product roadmap.

Colin Bell, Director of Procurement

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