What is digital Contracting

Digital contracting is a process that transforms the entire contract lifecycle into a digitalised and collaborative workflow. It facilitates the contract lifecycle process by connecting the dots between business stakeholders, processes and data.

Faster, smarter digital contracting for business

Digital transformation of contract management

The digital transformation of contract management has been rapidly accelerated in recent years, championed by sales, marketing, HR, finance, and recruitment. It's time for legal teams and contract processes to benefit from the same level of digital transformation provided by digital contracting.

Digital contracting frees your legal teams and empowers the business

Digital contracting software helps legal professionals by automating repetitive manual processes, allowing teams to focus on high-value tasks. Plus, by integrating with other business productivity tools such as Office365, Microsoft Teams and Slack, business colleagues are empowered with intelligent technology that guides them through contract processes without the legal jargon.

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Digital contracting software benefits the entire business

We have been working with Summize for three and a half years, and we love the tool. It’s simple and easy to use, and the team has been so helpful and dedicated to improving our processes.
Colin Bell
Director of Procurement @ Gamma

The key benefits of AI-powered digital contracting software

Your digital front door to legal

Businesses are governed by contracts, across sales, procurement, HR, marketing and more. Digital contracting integrates contract processes into familiar tools to maximise adoption and reduce friction. Summize's digital contracting software centralises contract requests into existing workflows, including Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Gmail and Slack, to speed up contract processes and enable self-serve behaviours throughout the business.

With this decentralised approach, you eliminate the need for lengthy training and disjointed processes. Meet users where they already work, for a more accessible front door to legal.

Any contract, one process

From sales, to HR and marketing, digital contracting is designed to support all types of commercial contracts, across the full contract lifecycle. Create, negotiate, review, and store your contracts, making the data inside them useful and usable.

Actionable insights

Missed renewals cost time and money. Digital contracting unlocks intelligent contractual information, allowing you to make better informed decisions and understand your business. With Summize's digital contracting software, you can automatically extract key dates and add them to your calendar, with built-in email reminders. Never miss a key date again.

Maximum adoption

Tech heavy tools and poorly designed Ul slows down businesses and causes bottlenecks in the process. Summize’s user experience is simple and intuitive, requiring minimal user training. It fits seamlessly into existing ways of working for fast and easy rollout across the entire business.

The secret to success in digital contracting is to ensure best-fit across all teams. It's a business solution, not just a legal one.

Digital contracting for in-house legal teams

Contract processes are traditionally manual, complex and almost always lacking understanding, preventing legal teams from being true business leaders. Managing contracts across the full contract lifecycle is challenging when legal must deal with multiple live contracts simultaneously. This isn't uncommon - with most large businesses managing 19,000 contracts each year on average (EY).

Summize launched the world’s first Integrated Contract Lifecycle Management solution, and this decentralised approch to embedding experiences within existing tools continues today. It makes digital contracting processes simpler and smarter, from contract requests to creating a repository. Summize brings intelligence, speed, and consistency to your digital contracts with optimised and automated workflows.

Accelerated Contract Reviews

Summize speeds up the end-to-end contract lifecycle by automating tasks that were traditionally manual. Legal teams can review contracts in under 2 minutes and negotiate directly from Microsoft Word 85% quicker.

Smarter business decision making

The powerful Summize data engine gives businesses access to better decision-making and actionable insights; summarising risk and highlighting potential cost savings across every contract, while accelerating revenue opportunities.

Optimised efficiency

Centralise requests and intake via Teams and Slack, enabling self-service contract creation in a unique Q&A chatbot experience. In-house legal teams can track, triage and manage requests from across the business, resulting in huge time savings and efficiency gains.

Digital contracting for sales

Contracts are found across every team within a business, from HR to Marketing, but alongside Legal, Sales teams work with them almost every day. Research shows that 80% of B2B Sales teams process over 500 contracts each month, but 59% of Business Development professionals state that inefficiencies in their contracting process resulted in lost opportunities. So it’s essential to get your contract solution right.

Contracts sit at the centre of every business relationship - they define a business's path for growth, revenue, and profit. So, inefficiencies in the contract lifecycle lead to slower sales cycles, friction, bottlenecks, and delays between legal and the rest of the business.

Digital contracting facilities the contract lifecycle and reduces these inefficiencies by establishing a relationship between the stakeholders, existing processes, and data to accelerate the end-to-end contract lifecycle. Digital contracting by Summize unites legal teams and business stakeholders to accelerate the entire contract lifecycle.

Faster revenue generation

Summize centralises contract requests through Microsoft Teams and Slack in a simple Q&A experience. Business users can create contracts using approved legal clauses and send requests, which are automatically tracked and analysed.

Shorter contract cycles

With Summize's intelligent solution, contract creation and review cycles are faster, more consistent and more efficient. Business users can create contracts in under two minutes and complete a first pass review in less than five. Controlled & governed by legal, contract workflows are accessible to the wider business.

Sales teams will enjoy faster negotiations, getting you to revenue at speed.

Self-serve capabilities

Summize's self-service contracting directly within tools including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Slack facilitates faster negotiation cycles and shorter contract cycles, allowing commercial users to generate their own approved contracts and close sales deals faster, without legal intervention.  

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