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The Summize front door to legal seamlessly integrates into your existing tools for maximum adoption, allowing users to create contracts, raise queries, submit documents and receive self-service guidance... all within a native chat experience.

Summize is designed for in-house legal teams by our legal experts, configured specifically for your own triage processes, workflows, contract clauses and contractual positions.

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For Legal Teams

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Shorter contract cycles
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Improved efficiency of legal operations
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Smarter business decision making
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Mitigated risk
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Enhanced workflows
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Improved collaboration between legal teams and business colleagues
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Centralised capture of all legal requests

CLM benefits for Legal

51% improvement of legal efficiency

Improve legal efficiency by up to 51%

40% improvement in productivity

Increase in-house legal productivity by 40%

85% time saved on contract reviews

Cut contract review time by up to 85%

Streamlined workflows

Summize's smart workflows allow you to track and accelerate any commercial contract throughout its lifecycle. With Microsoft Teams, Word, or Slack as the primary interface, you can also ensure CLM adoption across the whole business. Plus, create instant, accurate contract summaries with just one click.

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The basic contract summary is one of the best time-saving tools I have. The integration with Word makes redlining a much cleaner process. Everything is just quicker now that we have Summize.

Tabitha Studebaker - Director of Presale and Contracts, Day Wireless

Improved legal efficiency

Summize improves and accelerates your legal contract processes, without changing ways of working or compromising on risk. Capture all legal requests centrally through Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail or Slack to effectively manage your team's workload.

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Legal has been a hugely manual department previously. Summize’s analysis engine greatly speeds up the time it takes our legal team to review contracts and has revolutionised the way we now operate.

G2 Review - Computer Software Industry

Mitigated risk

Summize creates instant, accurate contract summaries with the automatic extraction of key dates and tasks. Areas of concern are red flagged, with contract analytics and data providing intelligent insight to reduce business risk.

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As a lawyer, Summize’s review functionality is invaluable. Identifying red flags before reviewing and seeing your playbook side-by-side a review = a huge time saver.

G2 Review - Executive Sponsor in Legal Services

Smarter business decision making

The Contract Analysis Engine uses AI-powered technology to unlock better decision-making and actionable insights, with contextual summaries and intelligent workflows. Contractual processes become quick and easy with an interactive dashboard that breaks down key information across your contracts.

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Summize has allowed us to have a cleaner contract repository, better handling of supplier renewals contracts, better ability to pull data on legal risks and obligations in aggregate.

Rosie Hawkridge - Legal Counsel, Littlefish

Hear it from our customers...

By integrating into MS Teams and Word, Summize has empowered business users at Klockner to self-serve, saving their legal team significant amounts of time and allowing them to become better business advisors. On top of this, by using Summize the contract lifecycle has been shortened and digital contracting has been made seamless.

See Summize in Action

Ready to experience Summize? Simplify and accelerate the entire contract lifecycle, without replacing your ways of working.
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