Increasing Contract Reviews from 4 to 25 Contracts per Week

Day Wireless Systems implemented Summize’s game-changing contract review and management solution, modernising its entire contract lifecycle process.
Day Wireless Systems

Key Outcomes

6x more

contracts reviewed using Summize

Faster extraction

of key clauses through the playbook feature

More accurate and consistent

contract reviews

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Day Wireless Systems is the largest, full-service wireless integrator on the West Coast of the United States. They provide design, construction, licencing, sales, rentals, installation, and maintenance for a wide range of wireless voice, data and video organisations. Founded in 1969, they have 28 locations and over 300 employees across California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.

With no formal contract process in place, the Director of Presales and Contracting was determined to find a CLM solution to bring their documents into the 21st century. They wanted a solution that could accurately pull key clauses and information quickly alongside a secure and information-rich contract repository.

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The playbook element within Summize was something we didn’t even realise we needed. It has allowed us to pull detailed summaries quickly, helping us to instantly identify what matters to us and transforming the way we operate as a department.

Tabitha Studebaker, Director of Presales and Contracting at Day Wireless Systems

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I used to review and approve approximately four contracts a week before using Summize. Now I can do 25. The amount of time it has saved us is fantastic and has freed me up to do more high-level activities.

Tabitha Studebaker, Director of Presales and Contracting at Day Wireless Systems

The Solution

To streamline processes and digitalise the contract lifecycle, Summize created a legal front door for Day Wireless Systems using a Microsoft Teams integration. Using the Summize Microsoft Teams Add-In, users across the business can safely create a contract using pre-set criteria from the legal team without submitting a request. Requests for reviews are also more straightforward, and the legal team now reviews, on average, 20% more contracts than they did before Summize was implemented.

Summize’s contract repository also provides an intuitive and manageable centralised location for all of Day Wireless Systems' contracts. It contains advanced search capabilities, allowing users to search for answers quickly and easily.


Summize has created a more simplified and exact contract lifecycle process for Day Wireless Systems without changing their existing ways of working. The intelligent automation of Summize’s CLM solution has meant that contracts that would often take weeks to review and approve now only take a couple of hours.

Summize’s powerful data engine has given Day Wireless Systems instant access to improved decision-making and actionable insights. Implementing a CLM solution has improved their contract process, reducing risk and increasing cost savings.

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Summize has ticked every box and more, and I can’t wait to continue rolling it out to our wider business.

Tabitha Studebaker, Director of Presales and Contracting at Day Wireless Systems

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