New Updates to the Summize Private Practice Platform

The latest additions to the Summize Private Practice software helps law firms with client contract management.
June 17, 2024
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June 17, 2024

MANCHESTER, UK – 4th May 2020 This week, Summize launched several updates to its Private Practice platform. The new, user-friendly capabilities are specifically designed to assist law firms with client contract management and will help even more legal teams speed up their contract review process.

With an updated homepage for Private Practice users, law firms can organise their contracts by client and matter ID, and also have the option to add new clients and IDs at any time. This ensures that contracts can always be organised in one place, even when taking on new customers. The modern and interactive design makes contracts easy to find and analyse, simplifying future contract reviews.

Now, when creating a new matter ID, users will also be able to choose from agreement types that have been created by other team members. For example, if a colleague has added the relevant clauses needed to review a SaaS contract, all members of the department benefit from this knowledge. This helps to maintain consistency across the firm and reduce the likelihood that obscure clauses will be missed.

These updates have been added on top of the pre-existing features in the Summize platform. Each matter ID will take users to the standard Table View, where all summaries and terms can be seen by contract type in one location. Here, contracts can also be flagged, identifying those that need to be reviewed or edited as a priority.

The sleek layout and easy-to-use functionalities make the software ideal for busy legal teams. Summaries are created instantly for each uploaded contract, with key clauses and terms highlighted automatically. For bespoke contracts, users can utilise the Clause Builder to add in various clauses and highlight them across all documents. The export option also enables all summaries to be downloaded to various formats and shared.

Alongside the Private Practice platform, Summize also provides a legal technology platform for in-house legal teams. With fuss-free implementation, Summize lets teams get started with their contract reviews immediately, saving organisations both time and money.


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