The Top 10 Summize Features You Should Be Using

Our team has identified the Top 10 Summize features that you and your team should be using to understand, manage, and review your contracts!
February 12, 2024
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February 12, 2024

Here at Summize, we don’t believe in tech that forces users to change how they work. So, our platform runs alongside you throughout the whole contract lifecycle, automating long-winded admin tasks and improving processes without disrupting your working style. 

1. The Summize Word Add-In 

We know that lawyers prefer to work in Microsoft Word and so do we. With the Summize Word Add-In legal users can continue to create, review, redline and negotiate contracts directly in Word, without having to switch applications.

Quickly and easily surface the key points in a simple yet highly useful summary of risk and cost savings of the clauses extracted from your contracts, including payment terms, indemnities, terminations, data protection and force majeure.

You can even simplify your summaries further by turning on our OpenAI integration, which uses Summize’s contextual summary and turns it into a natural language summary– saving even more time!  

Plus, by using the Summize inbuilt AI technologies, legal users can rephrase, translate, and query contract sections with the and enjoy version control with the integrated Word for the Web, leading to faster contract reviews, and identifying risk across the business.

Elior needed to find several key provisions within their portfolio of Contracts, by utilising the Summize Word Add-In they were able to accelerate their review cycles with instant summaries and next steps, allowing them to review over 400+ contracts in 5 working days.  Read the full customer story here.

2. Legal Front Door - Boost Productivity and Collaboration

A contract lifecycle management tool should not be used in isolation, instead, it should be part of the wider business processes. Summize seamlessly embeds contract workflows into your existing tools that the business already uses and loves to maximise adoption and prioritise the end-usability.

Our integrated Legal Front Door via Teams, Slack, Salesforce, and Jira allows legal teams to centrally manage and process legal requests without the need for any extra tools or direct asks. This simple experience allows business stakeholders to generate contracts, resolve issues, submit documents for review and self-serve in their existing tools – so there’s no need to login into another platform or chase legal for approvals.

Salesforce legal front door
Salesforce Embeddable Legal Front Door

3. Calendar - Never Miss a Key Milestone

Never miss a contract auto-renewal or key date again with the calendar feature. Upload your contracts to the Summize AI-powered Repository and the AI Assistant will automatically extract any key dates and milestones and add them to your calendar, with built-in reminders to ensure you never miss another deadline.

4. Playbooks – Enhance Contract Consistency and Compliance

Enhance contract compliance and consistency by empowering contract stakeholders to negotiate and generate contracts using approved legal content and clauses. Your Playbook is integrated and centrally managed and updated by Legal, accessed by the wider business at any point of the contract lifecycle through the Word Add-In, Word for the Web or the Summize web-based application.

5. AI-Powered Summaries - Accelerate Reviews

Summize brings to life the contents of your contracts, by surfacing and summarising risk and cost savings into a simple, useful summary of clauses extracted from your contracts. Areas of concern are automatically red-flagged for quicker and more accurate reviews, enabling legal teams to review contracts 85% quicker directly in Microsoft Word.

Enhance your contract summaries even further by utilising the AI Assistant which uses Summize’s contextual summary and turns it into a natural language summary – perfect for non-legal users.

Each contract summary can be edited, with options to add comments, bullet points, and red flags. Next to each identified clause, you will also be able to insert your standard positions and precedent texts directly from your company Playbook, ensuring consistency and accuracy at all times.

6. Summize AI Assistant - Your Digital Legal Assistant

The AI Assistant acts as a super-smart assistant for legal teams during the contract drafting and review process. Access the AI Assistant in Microsoft Word to draft, modify, translate and query your contracts.

Utilise the AI technology to redline, negotiate and analyse your contacts in Word, before automatically identifying relevant sentences, paragraphs and clauses creating natural-language summaries – saving even more time.

The AI Assistant quickly identifies any opportunities and risks within your contracts by automatically red-flagging any areas of concern. It automatically extracts crucial dates and syncs them to your calendar, ensuring you never miss a renewal or termination date.

7. Contract Insights - Quickly Surface Key Information

We wanted to provide users with a quick and easy way to ask questions about their contracts and get instant results. So, we created Contract Insights. Simply select a question and watch as Summize identifies the most relevant information. Insights Manager enables your Summize users to quickly and easily query your contracts for frequently asked questions. These questions are pre-set by legal and the answers are provided by our automatically extracted summaries. This feature encourages users  to self-serve on their contract queries and provides quick answers to questions that can be time-consuming for legal to both source and provide.

8. Tasks - Complete Contract Visibility

Ensure contract compliance by setting conditional tasks into your Create, Review and Ask Legal request templates to further enhance your workflows, and to ensure the appropriate requests are assigned to the appropriate person, based on responses given during the request process.

Get notified when tasks are assigned, completed or overdue, and track pending or completed tasks all through Summize.

9. Clause Manager - Personalised Summaries

Summize provides every user with a default clause bank, however, you may also want to create new clauses to fit any unique contracts you have. We make this easy to do, with the Clause Manager!

Clause Summaries on Summize are directly linked to how your contract types and templates have been set up in Clause Manager. The Clause Summaries pulled during contract review or in the repository are a result of what has been created and inputted in Clause Manager.

The Clause Manager on Summize provides you with an efficient first-pass review and ensures that the summary is customised to your needs and the requirements of your business or clients.

Clause Manager
Clause Manager Dashboard

10. Conversations - Real-time Collaboration

Conversations give stakeholders a secure way to communicate and collaborate on signed contracts in real time.  Start conversations directly from a specific section within the contract, resolve conversations to reduce clutter, get notified of new conversations and comments, and keep track of your internal collaboration all through Summize.

Take the first step towards smarter, faster, and more efficient contract management.Contact us today or book a demo to get started.


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