The Top 10 Summize Features You Should Be Using

Our team has identified the Top 10 Summize features that you and your team should be using to understand, manage, and review your contracts!

Here at Summize, we don’t believe in tech that forces users to change how they work. So, our platform runs alongside you throughout the whole contract lifecycle, automating long-winded admin tasks and improving processes without disrupting your working style. 

To help you make the most of Summize, we’ve identified the top 10 features that you and your team (whether you’re in-house, a law firm, or an SME) should be using to understand, manage, and review your contracts! 

1. Instant Summaries - Save Time and Make Contracts Simple 

As soon as you upload a contract to our Cloud-based platform, Summize instantly creates a user-friendly contract summary containing the most important information. You can even upload multiple contracts at once. It’s that easy! 

Summaries are initially based on Summize’s default clause bank and vary depending on the contract type chosen by the user. But if you need to identify specific clauses or have a bespoke style of contract, you can create your own clause identification rules in the Clause Manager. We cater to all types of contract, no matter how unique. 

In each summary, Summize will automatically pull through the most relevant clauses and terms. But remember to always take a look at our Related Paragraphs tool. Here, our smart software identifies every part of the contract that’s related to a clause, letting you examine all of the information and choose what’s most important to you. 

Each contract summary can be edited, with options to add comments, bullet points, and red flags. Addendums and Variations can also be connected to the contract with the Linked Contracts feature.  

Next to each identified clause, you will also be able to view and edit your company playbook, which contains all of your standard positions and precedent texts. By creating these for your organisation, you can ensure that your team’s contract reviews are consistent and accurate at all times. 

Using these instant summaries, teams can save up to 85% of the time usually spent on redline and red-flag reviews. And who wouldn’t want that kind of time back? Think about all the other things you could get done… 

2. The Summize App – Use Summize On the Go 

From February 2021Summize can be used on-the-go with its newest feature – the Summize iOS App.  

Upload contracts straight from your phone or via our built-in browser and view them all in one place. Access each of your summaries instantly and get quick answers to your most important questions. Working remotely has never been easier! 

The app promotes collaboration between service providers and their clients, as well as internally between teams. And we can’t wait for you to try it!  

3. The Summize Word Add-In - Find and Define Clauses at Every Stage 

The Word Add-In allows Summize’s innovative features to be used at any part of the contract lifecycle, including both pre-and post-signature contracts. We know that lawyers spend so much of their time in Word, so the Add-In makes using Summize as seamless as possible. There’s no longer any need to switch between programs. 

Use the Add-In’s features to create contracts and quickly find and define clauses across any contract. Easily access your company playbook to see standard positions and precedent texts. The Word Add-In Health Check also ensures you’ve been using definitions correctly across all of your contracts. 

No matter where you work from, the Add-In is easy to use and you can get started straight away. Even when your team is separated, the Health Check and playbook features make sure that everyone is on the right lines, even unsupervised junior lawyers. 

4. Shareable Links and Read-Only Users - A Better Experience for Your Clients and Colleagues 

Summize offers the ability to add and manage users, even restricting which contracts they can and cannot see. For example, read-only users can upload contracts and have an overview of your account but cannot make any edits.  

If you’re a law firm, it’s ideal for your clients. By allowing them to access their contracts and view your work, you can improve the engagement between your firm and theirs but also remove any complicated email chains. It effectively provides them with a Contract Management System, and our Partner Program provides you with plenty of information about how you could use this to generate new revenue channels. 

Read-only users can also be beneficial internally, allowing knowledge-share between junior and senior members of staff, or between departments. Your chosen users will always see the information that they need, and you can show the value provided by your team. 

Shareable links allow even more control over the account. Users can provide one-off access to a single contract summary or table view via an interactive link, rather than allowing visibility of the whole account. Access can be added or removed at any time, and to use a link you don’t even need to be a Summize user!  

5. Contract Insights - Get Quick Answers to Commonly Asked Questions 

We wanted to provide users with a quick and easy way to ask questions about their contracts and get instant results. So, we created Contract Insights. Simply select a question and watch as Summize identifies the most relevant information. 

We know how often legal teams are asked questions about their contracts and typically, the answers can be difficult and time-consuming to find. But with Summize, it can all be done with a click of your mouse.  

SMEs with limited legal experience can also use this to simplify their understanding of their contracts and find answers quickly. We remove the need for long, manual searches, saving these companies time and money. 

This feature is also ideal for changes in company policy or law. Changing your standard terms and need to see which contracts will be affected? Not a problem. 

6. Clause Manager – Create Detailed and Personalised Summaries 

Initially, Summize provides every user with a default clause bank, which the AI behind the platform uses to create your instant summaries. However, you might find that some of these clauses need tweaking to suit the needs of your business. You may also want to create new clauses to fit any unique contracts you have. We make this easy to do, with the Clause Manager! 

For each contract type, Summize lets you edit every clause that the platform looks for. You can add new keywords, refine the sensitivity of the search, and much more. Users can also create bespoke clauses, which will then be used across your collection of contracts.  

Users can even determine how results from a clause are displayed in a contract summary. Perhaps you need a certain clause red-flagged or you need to leave a note with your advice – that’s not a problem!  

The Clause Manager ensures that every summary is customised to your needs and the requirements of your business or clients. It is easy and quick to use. But if you’re worried about doing it yourself, Summize offers several packages that set this up before you even use the platform. 

7. Customisable Exports – Remove Formatting Tasks and Advice Note Emails 

Although Shareable Links make it simple to distribute read-only versions of your summaries and contracts, you can also create customisable exports. Choose what clauses and notes to include, personalise the document with your branding and identify red-flagged clauses. We format everything for you, meaning that each of your exports will be in a consistent and clear style. 

Contract summaries can be exported to Word and the table view can be exported to excel, letting you see all of your contracts in one go.  

Get rid of confusing and long-winded advice notes, and just attach a summary export!  

8. Calendar – Never Miss an Auto-Renewal 

Companies spend thousands on missed auto-renewals every year, so why not save your business some money with the Summize Calendar? 

Quickly add dates from your contracts to the calendar and easily turn on email notifications to ensure you never miss another key deadline. 

9. Playbooks – Add Consistency to Your Contract Reviews 

Playbooks can be found across the web-based application and the Summize Word Add-In and are a useful part of any contract lifecycle

Produce consistent results and improve the cohesion of your team by adding standard positions and precedent texts to your Summize account. Other users can then access this information, reducing the number of mistakes they are likely to make and minimising the variation between their contract reviews

It is quick and easy to edit this information so that changes within your team or business can be instantly reflected across your contracts. 

10. Organise by Client / Matter ID – Client Contract Management is Easy 

Private practice clients have the option to create alternative homepages for each of their Clients and within these, contracts can be segmented into different Matter IDs. These segmented platforms can then be shared easily with different clients or team members, ensuring that users see the contracts that are relevant to them.  

Make contract management even easier with Summize. 

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