50% of Time Saved on Contract Management

Purple partnered with Summize to create a clever and manageable contract repository, saving them 50% of time on their contract management.

Key Outcomes

Business users empowered

to self-serve on contractual tasks

50%-time saved

on contract management

Reduced financial risk

using renewal date reminders

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Purple provides market-leading guest Wi-Fi, as well as digital wayfinding and asset-tracking solutions to help businesses understand, identify, and improve guest experiences. Operating across the UK, Purple helps physical venues thrive by enhancing visitor experiences, optimizing staff efficiency, and driving additional revenue with our hardware-agnostic indoor location services.

With a small in-house legal team and hundreds of contracts, Purple struggled to implement a standardised CLM process. They wanted to establish the types of contracts connected with the business and group them more efficiently. The team also needed to generate answers to contractual queries faster so that they could quickly respond to the wider business. On top of this, Purple wanted to create a place where non-legal teams could self-serve, reducing the reliance on legal for low-value tasks.

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Summize has been a game changer for our business.

Daniela O'Brien, Head of Legal at Purple

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Summize has allowed us to accelerate our existing process and saved me a lot of time when it comes to reviewing contracts.

Daniela O'Brien, Head of Legal at Purple

The Solution

To digitalize their contract process, Summize’s contract repository provided an intuitive and manageable centralised location for all Purple’s contracts. Summize’s Customer Success team also helped to introduce the calendar functionality for legal and the wider business. By implementing Summize, Purple can now easily upload and store every contract and minimize risk with the instant extraction of key calendar dates and renewal date reminders.

The contract repository also contains advanced search capabilities, meaning that non-legal members of the Purple team can now easily search for answers without having to go through legal, saving time for both parties.


By digitalizing its contract lifecycle with Summize, Purple has empowered the whole business to self-serve on contractual tasks. The calendar functionality has spread the workload connected with renewal dates, allowing other non-legal members of Purple to take accountability and own the renewal process without having to be reminded by legal.

The intelligent automation of Summize’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution provides instant summaries and actionable tasks, as well as flagging immediate risks across Purple’s contracts. This has saved the legal team 50% of the time it took to complete these tasks manually, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

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I am looking forward to seeing what the wider team will benefit from as we roll out to other departments in the business.

Daniela O'Brien, Head of Legal at Purple

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