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New Export Feature Enables Easier Customisation and Knowledge-Share

New additions and capabilities of Summize's export feature make summaries easier to personalise and share.

New Additions To The Export Feature Make Summaries Easier To Personalise And Share.

MANCHESTER, UK – 13th May 2020 – As part of the newest batch of updates to the Summize platform, additional capabilities have been released for the export functionality. With a click of a button, legal teams can now personalise and share their exports and advice notes more easily; ensuring that contractual information can be delivered effectively to both clients and colleagues.

As part of the new functionalities, the export option now provides further customisation, allowing legal teams to select aspects of a contract summary to download. Users can now hide or display certain clauses, as well as organise them into a preferred order. This is particularly beneficial when running specific contract reviews and can help when select pieces of information are required by clients or other teams.

Other options of the export functionality include:

  • Displaying flagged issues – if selected, all flagged issues are shown at the top of an export, which helps teams deal with the most important factors first.
  • Options to change the document title and subtitle – all exports can be fully personalised depending on the preference of the user generating them. Alternate versions can then be generated for different recipients.
  • Including the date of the export and any key contractual dates
  • Displaying a chosen logo
  • Displaying any clause notes

As well as improving knowledge-share, Summize’s export functionality ensures that contract summaries are consistently branded and formatted, removing the manual work usually required and freeing up legal teams to focus on the key parts of their roles.

Currently, all exports go automatically into a Microsoft Word document, and to ensure it contains everything that is relevant for the user, the export window displays a small preview of the document during personalisation. The Table View of all contract types can still be exported to Microsoft Excel.

The new feature means that after creating a contract summary, knowledge-share can become easier and more streamlined, and key information can always be accessed quickly.  It is another step forward in improving contract reviews for legal teams without replacing the knowledge and experience of each lawyer, at a time when efficient working is even more important.


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