Searching for contract risk takes less than two minutes with Summize

Huel partnered with Summize to streamline the contract creation process and create an intuitive contract repository, saving the procurement team hours of searching and managing contracts.
Food & Beverage

Key Outcomes

Reduced risk

through automatic red-flagging

Takes under two minutes

to find contract information

Intuitive and easy

to use solution

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Huel Ltd. is a nutritionally complete food manufacturer. Every Huel meal contains a balance of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, fibre, and phytonutrients. They are made from plant-based ingredients and are available in multiple ranges: Powder, Black Edition, Complete Protein, Instant Meals, Ready-to-drink and Bars, as well as the new Daily Greens powder and Daily A-Z drinks.

Huel previously worked with another CLM provider. However, as the business continued its significant growth trajectory, it wanted a more intuitive and user-friendly CLM solution. Ideally, it would help procurement create contracts quickly and share them for approval. It was also essential to have a solution that stored Huel’s contract portfolio in one place and automatically flagged risk, allowing ultimate visibility and accessible reporting. That’s when they approached Summize.

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One of the biggest reasons we love Summize is because of how intuitive it is. We have had people come into the business and given them a Summize login, and they have easily uploaded a contract and got it through to signature with minimal training.

Steven McGeagh, Head of Global Sourcing at Huel

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Reporting on our contracts is so important here at Huel. Searching for contracts used to take hours before Summize. Now it takes less than two minutes.

Steven McGeagh, Head of Global Sourcing at Huel

The Solution

By partnering with Summize, Huel streamlined the contract creation process by developing pre-approved contract templates with the Microsoft Word Add-In. These templates allow team members to generate and share contracts for approval without adjusting the documents’ overall structure. Contract compliance is ensured through pre-approved questions, clauses, and templates, promoting consistency and visibility of contractual risk and automatically flagging it using liability caps and pre-populated reflags.

Summize's contract repository also established a user-friendly and centralised hub for all of Huel's contracts, simultaneously digitising their contract lifecycle process. Equipped with advanced search capabilities, the repository empowers multiple departments to find answers independently, eliminating the need to ask the procurement team.

Finally, the business can now create standard contracts through the Summize Slack integration, allowing business users to input data via a Slack chatbot in a Q&A format without changing any fundamental details of the company’s legal approach.


Thanks to Summize, Huel has acquired an intelligent and centralised contract repository that facilitates contract management and enables seamless data extraction for swift and precise reporting. Incorporating the key renewal date functionality automated the extraction of crucial dates, and the team receives regular email reminders from Summize to ensure deadlines are never missed. Not only does this reduce costly errors, but it has also enhanced the efficiency of the business and maximises commercial opportunities.

The repository's intelligent and user-friendly search functionality has significantly expedited the contract retrieval process, reducing what used to take hours to less than 2 minutes. It offers instant summaries and actionable tasks and promptly identifies potential risks within Huel's contracts.

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Huel is growing rapidly, and we needed a future-proof solution that could grow with us. Summize stood out as a leader in the market. That’s why we partnered with them.

Steven McGeagh, Head of Global Sourcing at Huel

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