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From pre- to post-signature management, Summize helps procurement teams streamline, accelerate and track contracts throughout their lifecycle with smart, allocated workflows.

‍It’s a legal tech solution built for non-legal teams.
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Summize for procurement teams

Summize streamlines and accelerates your contractual processes. Enable your global procurement teams to self-serve within Microsoft Teams or Slack - eliminating bottlenecks and delays in cycles. Improve your contract compliance by allowing legal to set pre-approved questions and templates, ensuring consistent visibility of contractual risk. Plus, the Summize contract repository provides advanced search capabilities, allowing users to quickly search for answers to contractual queries without going through legal.
  • Pre-approved templates
  • Shorter contract cycles
  • Advanced self-service capabilities with dynamic responses
  • Automatic extraction of key dates with built-in email reminders
  • A centralised location for all legal requests
  • Standardised procedures for contract negotiation and management
  • Attach all file types to contracts in Summize, ensuring a full audit trail

CLM Benefits for


Reduce contract management time by 50%
Speed up contract lifecycles by 37%
Fast-track negotiation cycles by 50%

Shorter contract cycles

Shorten your contract cycles by helping your business self-serve across the contract lifecycle directly within Microsoft Teams or Slack. With Summize your contract creation and review cycles are faster, more consistent, and more efficient.
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"The integration with Word makes redlining a much cleaner process and the basic contract summary is one of the best time-saving tools I have. Now I can review 25 contracts each week compared to 4."
Tabitha Studebaker
Day Wireless Systems

No code, no limitations

Summize is simple to use and manage. Seamlessly track spend, key dates, and obligations across your document portfolio, regardless of contract type. It simplifies and accelerates the entire contract lifecycle and makes contract processes relevant to the entire business.
It’s simple to use and manage, and has completely changed the way we interact with our contracts by improving collaboration between the legal team and the wider business.
Zak Daliri
Global Legal Director, UserZoom

Improved compliance

Ensure every contract follows both legal and company compliance. Summize's contextual Q&A provides real time responses without legal intervention using a set of pre-approved legal questions and templates. Ensure consistency and visibility of risk across your contract portfolio and use Summize's analytics to track KPIs.
Summize has made for a more efficient contracting process for people in the business, which has also freed up time for our Legal team
Diva Vaish
Project Manager in a Top 10 Investment Bank

Advanced repository

Summize’s dynamic contract repository provides instant summaries and insights for every contract. Highlight risk to unlock better results and actionable insights for your Procurement Team.
The dashboard acts as a live window in our contracts, providing us with key information instantly.
Natalie Salunke
Head of Legal, RVU

Hear it from our customers...

UserZoom needed to manage their workloads more effectively and speed up their contractual processes. See how they manage to complete 450+ contract reviews in less than 1 working day after implementing Summize.

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Ready to experience Summize? Simplify and accelerate the entire contract lifecycle, without replacing your ways of working.
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